Best Mop for Gym and Yoga Room with Rubber Floor – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Since rubber is a porous material, keeping it clean is crucial to prevent it from corroding and getting damaged. To get rid of stains, germs, and odor from the rubber gym floor, you will need to invest in some high-quality mop.

Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing the best mop for the rubber gym floor and to guide you to choose the best.

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    With in-built easy scrubber microfiber mop pad for rubber floor: Bissell Steam Mop

    With a high-quality and sturdy iron handle for both commercial and home use: Yocada Mop

    Easily control the amount of spray and trigger without costly batteries: O-Cedar Spray Mop

    With two grooved bucket to wet and dry your mop easily: Oshang Flat Mop

    Can You Mop a Yoga Classroom Rubber Floor?

    best mop for rubber gym and yoga room floors

    Yes, you can mop a yoga classroom with rubber gym floor. Actually, it is considered the best method of removing odor, germs, and challenging stains.

    With the right mop, you can clean a rubber gym floor without worrying about damaging the material.

    The best way in which you can take care of a rubber gym floor is spot cleaning. In case you have a profoundly set-in stain, you should consider using a concentrated cleaning solution with a mop to apply extra pressure on the floor.

    You will go ahead and clean the floor vigorously; however, ensure that you do not press so hard that bristles of brush scar your floor.

    When removing dust from the rubber gym floor, you should consider using a dry mop. On the other hand, wet-wash is necessary when removing stains and other tough to remove debris from the floor.

    How to Choose the Best Mop for the Rubber Yoga Room Floor?

    How to Choose the Best Mop for the Rubber Yoga Room Floor

    With different mops available in the market today, choosing one that will best suit your needs can be a bit challenging. Therefore, when looking for the best mop for a rubber gym floor, it is best to keep in mind these vital tips:


    Mops are equipped with pads made from different materials. Therefore, when choosing a mop suitable for cleaning the rubber gym floor, you should consider investing in a pad made from microfiber material.

    This will offer incredible cleaning and will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria.

    Head size

    Head size will determine the amount of space you will be able to clean with a single swipe. If you own a bog gym, you should consider investing in a wide 5-inch headband.

    These types of head sizes are capable of cleaning the larger surface area with utmost ease; furthermore, they tend to durable, quick, and very convenient.

    Ergonomic design

    When looking for a mop for a rubber gym floor, you should consider your physical limitations as well as abilities and settle for a mop that is relatively easy to use.

    For instance, as a tall individual who finds it challenging to bend when cleaning, you should consider Yocada Sponge Mop for Soft Cleaning. This will help improve the cleaning process significantly.


    When purchasing any product, you should always go for one within your price range, including a mop. The different mop comes at different prices; there are affordable ones, while others are relatively expensive.

    Expensive mops are equipped with advanced features, while the most affordable ones are fitted with basic cleaning features.

    Reviews of the best 7 mops for rubber gym floors

    1. Best Seller – O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket with Bucket Wringer

    o cedar microfiber mop and bucket wringer for rubber gym floor


    The O-cedar Easywring microfiber spin mop is equipped with a deep-cleaning microfiber, removing up to 99% of germs and bacteria with water.

    In-built wringer.

    This mop comes with a bucket equipped with a high-quality foot pedal, which allows for hands-free wringing.


    If you are looking for a high-quality spin mop, we strongly advise that you invest in the o-cedar Easywring microfiber spin mop.

    It comes equipped with a high-quality foot pedal, which is designed to activate spin wringing hence allowing you to control the level of moisture effectively.


    The O-cedar features a fully compatible design with an Easywring mop refill. You should, however, avoid using a fabric softener or bleach. Also, it comes with a bucket equipped with a high-quality foot pedal for easy wringing.

    Deep Cleaing.

    The O-cedar Easywring microfiber spin mop offers a deep-cleaning experience, and it removes some tough stains on a gym floor with the utmost ease.

    2. Best for Scrubbing – OXO Spray Mop with Detachable Scrubber

    oxo spray mop for mopping and scrubbing your rubber gym floor

    Detachable scrubber.

    The OXO features a microfiber mop along with a detachable scrubber for the perfect transition between spot cleaning and mopping.

    Effective cleaning.

    If you are looking for a high-quality mop for cleaning the rubber gym floor, you might consider investing in the OXO microfiber spray mop. This mop offers an incredible cleaning experience; it has been designed to attract as well as trap dust and dirt efficiently.

    Reusable bottle.

    This microfiber spray mop comes with a reusable bottle with an exact measurement marking that is perfect for filling with your effective cleaning solution.

    Perfect grip.

    The OXO spray mop features a contoured and comfortable handle, which enhances grip. In addition to that, it comes equipped with easy to use squeeze trigger, which makes the cleaning process easy.

    3. Perfect for Narrow Space – Oshang Flat Mop for Rubber Gym Floor

    slim bucket and flat mop for rubber gym floor

    Hand-free cleaning experience.

    The oshang flat floor mop features two grooved buckets, which allows you to dry and wet your floor easily. This floor mop will enable you to get rid of dirt from the floor and lift it away.

    Quality pads.

    This mop comes equipped with high-quality microfiber mop pads, which offers deep cleaning, which removes as well as absorbs dirt along with filth easily.

    Strong build.

    Oshang flat floor mop comes with a heavy-duty bucket along with a stainless-steel mop handle that does not rust, stains, or break easily. This means that you will be able to use it for an extended period.


    If you are looking for a highly-versatile mop, then this will be your best option. This mop is perfect for cleaning different types of floors, including tiles, hardwood as well as a rubber gym floor. In addition to that, it is ideal for cleaning ceilings, windows, among other surfaces, while dry.

    4. Mot Budget – O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop 

    best cheap mop for rubber gym floor

    High-quality microfiber.

    This o-cedar spray mop features a deep-cleaning microfiber, which removes up to 99.9% bacteria and germs with plain water. And it comes equipped with a reusable mop pad which is relatively easy to clean since it is machine washable.

    Double-sided mop head.

    The o-cedar ProMist max microfiber spray mop features a double-sided mop head with microfiber that can be flipped, allowing you to clean the floor faster without having to change your mop pads.

    Refillable design.

    It is equipped with a bottle that is refillable with water, and you can add 2 small teaspoons of your cleaning solution, and you will be ready to clean your floor.

    Highly versatile.

    The best part of using this spray mop is that you can clean using either dry or wet option. This allows you to deep clean your floors and gets rid of all debris and dust with the utmost ease.

    5. With Telescopic Handle – Yocada Sponge Mop for Commercial Floor

    best 3 in 1 sponge mop for rubber gym floor

    Easy to assemble.

    The Yocada sponge mop features a relatively easy to assemble design. All that is required of you is to use your strength to insert the sponge into the groove.

    When it comes to removing the singe from the groove, you can do this by pressing a button and then pull it out. The whole process is relatively easy.

    High-quality sponge.

    The mop comes equipped with 2 sponge heads in a box. The honeycombed sponge is high-quality, and it has incredible absorbency, easy to dry, and has strong breathability.

    Adjustable design.

    When using this mop, you can easily adjust the pole to the height that will best suit your needs. This helps in making the cleaning process relatively easy.


    It is equipped with a squeegee, which helps in cleaning dirt and water in an easy and faster way.

    6. Heavy-Duty Job – Yocada Lightweight Industrial-Grade Cotton String Mop

    yocada cotton mop for large rubber gym floors


    The Yocada looped-end string is an industrial-grade floor mop that is perfect for cleaning commercial and home floor. It is equipped with a high-quality and sturdy iron handle, making it one of the best mop for cleaning the rubber gym floor.

    Effective cleaning.

    This mop cleans effectively thanks to its high-quality microfiber pads that are designed to remove dirt four times more than conventional cotton.

    Long handle.

    It comes with a long iron handle with a jaw clamp included to offer a sturdy, reliable handle that will withstand all types of cleaning.


    Yocada lopped-end string features a highly-versatile design, which makes it ideal for use on almost all types of floor.

    7. Most Multifunctional – Bissell Steam Mop and Vacuum Cleaner Combo 

    bissell steam mop cleaner and vacuum for rubber gym floor

    Cleans effectively.

    Sanitize your floor with Bissell steam mop, which kills up to 99.9% of germs thanks to the PowerFresh Steam.

    In addition to that, it shines your floor; this has been made possible by the in-built easy scrubber microfiber mop pad.

    Fully customizable.

    The best part of using this mop that you can customize your cleaning with SmartSet digital variable steam control.

    Eliminates odor.

    When using this steam mop, you will be able to neutralize odor using odor, eliminating fragrance discs equipped in the mop.

    Generates steam within a short period.

    It only takes 30 seconds for the Bissell steam mop to start producing steam. This helps in saving a significant amount of time as you perform your cleaning routine.

    Traditional Mop vs. Steam Mop for Rubber Floor Cleaning

    You might be wondering which mop is the best between traditional mop and steam mop; in this section, we shall be comparing the two and find which one is the best overall.

    – Usage

    There is no doubt that the steam mop is relatively easy to use. All that is required of you is to turn it on and swish it around your floor, and you can have it spick and span.

    A steam mop boils water up to approximately 245 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it releases water vapor to a mop. This makes them ideal for cleaning hospitals and healthcare facilities. Recently they have grown in popularity for single-family homes.

    – Cleaning

    Furthermore, steam mops are the best when it comes to removing tough stains. As the water evaporates, the vapor helps in loosening grime, making it for the mop to absorb it.

    A steam mop is best for tackling mold since it features a fast drying time; it helps in lowering the chances of further growth of mold.

    A home with kids calls for clean and safe flooring. A steam mop will be best for use in homes with kids since they clean and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs without chemicals.

    This makes them the best and safe for use in an environment with kids without having to risk their health.

    On the other hand, a traditional mop comes equipped with pads made from cotton or wool, which helps capture dust and bacteria. A microfiber is capable of reducing bacteria by 99% and uses static electricity to capture dust.

    – Compatibility

    Furthermore, a traditional mop is said to be safe for use in several types of floor. The best part of using it is that it offers both dry and wet cleaning options. This allows you to clean your floor effectively without facing any challenges.

    Choosing between a traditional mop and a steam mop will highly depend on an individual preference.

    Do You Really Know How to Mop Rubber Gym and Yoga Room Floors?

    Keeping your rubber gym floors clean is vital, and to achieve this, it best to adhere to these essential tips;

    1. The first thing you should do is vacuuming your rubber gym floor before you start mopping the floor. This is a vital step since it will help remove debris and dirt that can damage your floor when dragged around.

    2. Once that is done, you will go ahead and use a scraper to remove all sticky items from your gym floor. If you got things stuck on your rubber gym floor, such as gum, you should consider using a wood or plastic scraper to remove from the floor.

    To achieve that, you should consider moving the scraper under the material with a gentle push and angle your scraper down towards the floor as you push the material up.

    3. Use a homemade solution to disinfect your rubber floor. It is best to use a mixture of white vinegar with hot water and use a clean rag to spread the solution on your floor to clean and sanitize it correctly.

    4. You should then use a mop best of your choice to clean your rubber gym floor. You might consider using the homemade solution to clean the floor to perfection.

    5. Change the soapy water and rinse the floor once again with clean water

    6. With that done, you will leave your floor to air dry before you start using it.

    Final words

    To select the best mop for the rubber gym floor that will suit your needs, we strongly advise that you choose one from the models discussed above since they are among some of the best available in today’s market.

    As we conclude, we hope that you find this article beneficial.