What to Wear with Yoga Pants to School?

Yoga pants are comfy, breathable, and trendy. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that you would want to wear them to school.

However, as you contemplate putting on your favorite yoga pants, you must also find what outfit you should wear them with. If you are interested in a unique look, here is a detailed guide on what to wear with yoga pants to school.

What to Wear with Yoga Pants to School?

For those who are lucky enough that their schools have not banned yoga pants, here is the part you have been eagerly waiting for! Below are some attires that will look amazing when worn with yoga pants

1. A long shirt

what to wear with yoga pants to school

Longer shirts look great with yoga pants and cover your behind. This makes them perfect for a school environment.

A chambray shirt will look fantastic on you, and so will any long button-down shirt. A medium-fitting shirt should complement the comfort provided by yoga pants.

2. Tunic dress

Tunic dress with yoga pant for students

If you want to stand out with a set of yoga pants, you should wear them with a tunic dress. This dress resembles a huge shirt that extends below the waist. It’s also comfy, breathable, and trendy.

3. A-line dress

what dress can you wear with yoga pants for school

On school days where you want to feel special, you should opt for an A-line dress with yoga pants. Unlike crop tops, it will conceal your behind.

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Additional Tips to Wear Yoga Pants in School

1. Always go for breathable fabric

The ideal accompaniment for yoga pants should equally be comfortable.

So, whether you choose a tunic dress or a long shirt, make sure it’s made from a breathable fabric. Cotton, linen, and silk are excellent examples.

2. Your top shouldn’t be too loose or too tight

A top that is too tight can be uncomfortable, and vice versa may not blend well with yoga pants.

The best solution is to find a middle-sized top that fits you well and is equally as comfortable. If you can find a stretchy material, that would be better.

3. Play around with the colors

When it comes to choosing what to wear with yoga pants, there is a lot of wiggle room regarding colors. Both shouting and earthy tones blend well with yoga pants.

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Are Yoga Pants Inappropriate for School?

Are Yoga Pants Inappropriate for School

It depends.

Most schools have a dress code. And as yoga pants become increasingly popular in workplaces and organizations, certain schools have taken measures to ban this attire.

It shouldn’t be inappropriate to wear yoga pants as long as it’s opaque and non-relieving. As much as students have the right to wear whatever they want, a school is a formal environment, and outfits need to be decent. If you choose yoga pants to wear to school tomorrow, ensure it meets the above requirements.

It’s unacceptable to think yoga pants are inappropriate. When compared to revealing tops and super short shorts, yoga pants are more decent. Also, when you factor in how cozy they are, yoga pants can ensure you are comfortable in class.

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Why Are Yoga Pants Banned in Some Schools?

If you often keep up with local news, you must have heard stories about schools banning yoga pants. You are lucky if yoga pants are still allowed in your school.

Learning institutions have different rules. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants in some schools, and in others, you may get in trouble for having them on.

Here is a list of reasons why some schools have banned yoga pants:

  • Because they are too distracting for male students and teachers.
  • Schools want to prepare students on how to dress formally and professionally.
  • Some yoga pants are too revealing.

It isn’t much you can do as students if yoga pants have been banned in your school.

However, in a learning institution, young ladies should enjoy the freedom to wear whatever they want as long as it’s decent and ethically acceptable.


Yoga pants can look great with almost anything. But, if you are wearing them to school, you need to be mindful of your presentability.

Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you know what to wear with your yoga pants as you go to school tomorrow.