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Welcome to YogaPantsRage.com, a yoga information and knowledge center updating free yoga information and resources.

We aim to empower you with the best topic and answers to yoga and other exercise questions & tips. We write, check, review and represent fact-based information by expert fitness writers and editors, ensuring the science-support research is informative and instructional.

And we are committed to providing professional yoga blogs and posts to help you make a better choice and keep up with us.

Our Mission:

We keep sharing yoga and fitness knowledge to reach your health goals, and you will find trustworthy yoga kits reviews that we carefully select.

  1. We share the yoga experience and knowledge in depth from professionals across all fields of yoga.
  2. We explore different kinds of life style, fitness conception, and yoga training.
  3. We give answers and solutions to all your yoga-related questions.
  4. We test and review yoga kits, clothes, and other tools to help you make a better purchase.

We have professional and certificated yoga teachers, physicians, and fitness coaches in our team to support and inspire the yoga topics and advice for your fitness and well-being.

Our Team:

Our registered trainers and yoga instructors team ensures the contents are high-quality, overall, and evidence-based to promote your healthy lifestyle.

Here are our top 3 fitness coaches and writers:

Stephanie Mason

Stephanie Mason, the former publisher of a wellness lifestyle magazine in Pennsylvania, Health & Fitness. She has been teaching yoga and volunteering with an equine therapy group for challenged youth.

She has been practicing yoga for thirty-five years and she has given her the great gift of balance, humbleness, and creative freedom.

Her focus is on guiding her students in a meaningful way for the sacred exploration of authenticity, truth, wellness, and love.

Theobald Doris

Theobald Doris, a yoga teacher physician, graduated from the University of Houston, an EYT 500-hour certified Anusara yoga coach. With 19 years of practicing, she works with yoga clubs, fitness studios, and Tv shows, teaching adults of all ages and yoga levels.

Theobald Doris merges the physical and also spiritual methods of yoga exercise with mindfulness as well as meditation methods that can be made use of indoor and outdoor yoga exercisers to enhance health in life.

In an extremely suitable means, her goal is to help others awaken to their limitless capacity.

Kevin Coleridge

Kevin Coleridge, a member of Yoga Journal and Prevention and is popular among online yoga field students.

His conception is that love helps people break down the psychological barriers and also obstacles that get in the way of beginning a running and physical fitness trip.

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