10 Holiday Yoga Themes for Fun

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and fun. It’s also a great time to get in the spirit with some festive yoga routines!

In this blog post, we will explore 10 different holiday yoga themes that you can use to celebrate the holidays. From Grinchy green poses to cozy winter sequences, there is something here for everyone!

So put on your favorite holiday tunes and get ready to celebrate with some yoga!

Get in the Spirit with These Fun and Festive Yoga Poses

From Grinchy green poses to cozy winter sequences, there is something here for everyone! So put on your favorite holiday tunes and get ready to celebrate with some yoga!

Here are some holiday yoga themes to get you started:

1. Grinchy green poses:

Get into the holiday spirit with some fun and festive Grinch-inspired yoga poses!

Start by coming into a low lunge with your right leg forward. Then, extends your arms out to the side and open up your heart.

This pose is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit – after all, even the Grinch had a heart that was two sizes too small.

From low lung, bring your hands to heart center and press up into an upward-facing dog.

Think about opening up your chest and spreading holiday cheer. Then, from upward facing dog, transition into a downward-facing dog.

Remember to keep your core engaged so you don’t end up looking like a bowl full of jelly!

These three Grinchy green poses are sure to make you feel festive.

2. Cozy winter sequences:

There’s nothing better than a cozy winter yoga sequence when it’s cold outside.

If you’re looking for a cozy winter yoga sequence to help you get through the cold months, look no further.

From holiday-themed sequences to simple poses that will help you stay warm, there’s something for everyone.

And who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying the cold weather a little bit more after working up a sweat on your mat.

So grab your yoga mat and get ready to cozy up this winter.

3. Santa-themed yoga:

That’s right, holiday yoga is a thing, and it’s the perfect way to add some cheer to your practice. And what could be more cheerful than jolly old Santa himself?

So put on your holiday best and get ready to celebrate with these Santa-themed yoga poses.

We also have Santa’s workshop pose, which is perfect for stretching out the lower back and hamstrings.

To get into this pose, start in Low Lunge with both hands placed on the ground next to your feet.

Then, walk both hands out in front of you as you straighten your legs and lower your chest down to the ground.

Hold the pose for a few deep breaths before releasing back into Low Lunge and repeating on the other side.

4. Snowman yoga:

Build a snowman and do some yoga too with this fun and festive theme!

One of the best things about winter is finally being able to build a snowman! But why stop there?

This holiday season, bring your yoga practice outside and try snowman yoga. For added balance and stability, stack theree snowballs on top of each other to create a “snowman” base.

Then, try some of your favorite yoga poses on top. Downward dog is a great way to stretch out your back and legs, while warrior III will challenge your balance.

As you move through each pose, take time to appreciate the stillness of winter and the unique beauty of practicing yoga in the snow. You may even want to snap a few pictures to share with your friends!

5. Reindeer poses:

Why not try some holiday-themed yoga poses inspired by everyone’s favorite holiday animal – the reindeer?

To start, try the antler pose. Start in a downward-facing dog position, then lift your right leg up into the air, keeping your hips square.

From here, reach your right hand back and grab your ankle, then extend your left arm straight out in front of you. Hold for a few breaths then repeat on the other side.

6. Valentine’s Day:

Get into the holiday spirit with some love-themed yoga poses!

Start in a standing position with your feet together. Raise your arms overhead and interlace your fingers, bringing your palms together.

Take a deep breath and bend forward from the waist, hinging at the hips as you exhale.

Keep your spine straight as you lower your heart towards the floor. Hold for 5-10 breaths before returning to standing.

7. Easter:

Celebrate the holiday with some eggcellent yoga poses!

Springtime is the perfect time of year to celebrate Easter by break out your yoga mat and doing some holiday-themed poses.

Start by doing some eggcellent sun salutations to warm up your body.

Then, hop into a bunny pose to stretch your hips and thighs.

After that, try an Easter basket pose to work your core.

Finally, end with a relaxation pose so you can enjoy all the holiday treats you deserve.

You’ll surely have an eggcellent Easter by doing these holiday yoga poses!

8. Fourth of July:

Show your patriotic side with some red, white, and blue yoga poses!

It’s that time of year again!

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and what better way to show your patriotic side than with some holiday-themed yoga poses?

So break out the red, white, and blue yoga mats and get ready to flow! Here are a few patriotic poses to get you started:

The first pose is the star pose, or adho mukha svanasana. This pose is perfect for fireworks watching, as it gives you a great sky view. Plus, it’ll give your arms and shoulders a good stretch.

Next up is the eagle pose, or garudasana.

This pose requires a bit of balance and focus, but it’s well worth it. Not only will it help improve your coordination, but it also symbolizes strength and courage – two things that are essential for any patriot.

Last but not least is the tree pose or vrksasana. This is a classic yoga pose that helps promote balance and focus.

It’s also a great way to show off your patriotic spirit! So go ahead and raise your arms up high and pretend you’re the Statue of Liberty herself.

9. Halloween:

Get into the holiday spirit with some spooky yoga poses!

You can start with the classic pumpkin pose, which is perfect for getting into a Halloween mood.

To do this pose, simply start in a seated position with your legs crossed in front of you.

Then, reach your arms forward and place your hands on the ground in front of you. Lean forward and place your forehead on the ground, letting your arms support you.

Stay in this position for a few deep breaths before slowly sitting up.

10. Thanksgiving:

Give thanks for all the good in your life with some thankful yoga poses!

Start off in a simple forward fold, letting your head hang heavy and your shoulders relax.

As you inhale, lift your arms up overhead, and as you exhale, twist to the right, bringing your left hand to rest on your right knee.

Take a few deep breaths here, and then switch sides. From here, flow into some sun salutations to get your blood flowing.

After all, yoga is all about being thankful for the good of your body and taking care of it!


Do you have a favorite holiday yoga theme? Share it with us in the comments below! And be sure to check out our holiday yoga classes for even more festive fun!