15 Selena Gomez Yoga Pants Outfits

Selena Gomez has never shied off donning yoga pants since first stepping into the public spotlight to become a popular culture’s mainstay.

Perhaps, it’s what these cute leggings offer – elasticity and durability – that hypnotizes her, or maybe they’re her pure obsession. Either way, it’s undeniably true that she’s never failed to mesmerize with yoga pants, and a little bit of her smile has consistently added to her feminine dominance.

Here are the Selena Gomez yoga pants that you’ll look good in.

1. Puma x Selena Gomez 7/8 Women’s Tight Pants

Selena Gomez in red Yoga Pants

Although Gomez fancies black, these pants still give her a head-turning look, perhaps the comfort she craves. Most users put credit on its elastic closure coupled with a bold combo of red, white, and black, which is suitable for functionality and keeps your workouts more ‘fashionable.’

2. Under Armor Women’s Coldgear Compression Leggings

Selena Gomez stepping out with compression leggings

It’s not every day that you’ll spot Selena Gomez stepping out with compression leggings, but it’s undeniably a staple for her. And most people fancy its style and shad with a brushed interior and incredible sweat-wicking prowess.

3. Baleaf Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

selena Gomez in capris yoga pants

This everyday Selena Gomez outfit is among the most adored by the yoga faithful, perhaps because of its super stretchy and pocketed design. It barely touches the ankles and is incredibly water-resistant – the reason why she loves rocking them on in the summer.

4. Puma Leggings Classic MCS Leggings

selena Gomez in Puma Yoga pants

Comfort and style define this pair of yoga pants, thanks to its bolded Puma logo and white side strips edging out towards the front. They have a high elasticated waistband for comfort and have an elastic closure for putting them on and removing them quite simply.

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5. Mikgr Women High Waist Yoga Pants

Selena loves putting on these minimalist

Selena loves putting on these minimalist but stretchy yoga pants as she winds down on her casual boxing days. They’re wholly opaque, sweat-wicking, perfect for rigorous activity, and a four-way stretch for effortless movements and comfort.

6. Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants

Selena’s weekends are usually casual and fun, and she can sometimes don these yoga pants for her workouts, outings, and getting easy. They are incredibly fitting and stretchy, breathable, and non-see-through. Besides, they’re pocketed and offer convenience in storing your accessories.

7. Core 10 Women’s 7/8 Crop Yoga Legging

Selena in yellow yoga pants

Selena loves going yellow in her cute photoshoots. And besides these pants unleashing her charm, there’s more to its functional capacity than what meets the eye. They’re super stretchy, lightweight and sweat-wicking, and a picture-esque of what Selena craves.

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8. Puma Women’s Active 3/4 Tights

Selena Gomez endorses puma apparel

Selena Gomez endorses puma apparel, so her vanity closet should flood with puma yoga pants. This single pair makes our list perfect for yoga, easy to clean and maintain, and tight-fitting. It’s made of sweat-wicking fabric and won’t nag with sweat drenches.

9. Puma Ladies Moto Tight Leggings

selena gomez in puma yoga pants with logd

This pair of yoga pants are the perfect fit for all your workout needs and casual wear for a bit of style and trend. They have a mesh insert on the back calf and a bold puma logo to single you out among everyone else. They’re great when worn with gym sneakers for an athletic appeal.

10. Zoano Yoga Leggings

selena Gomez wearing yoga pants

The paparazzi have snapped photos of Selena rocking on these yoga pants on numerous occasions, perhaps mostly in her casual walks in the streets. They have a sporty appeal and are tight-fitting, much to the pleasure of most women looking for freedom of body movement. Besides, they’re incredibly breathable and utterly comfortable.

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11. Puma Women’s Run Favorite Tights

Puma Women's Run Favorite Tights

With a pull-up closure and a bold puma logo, this beauty is an absolute steal for your money and, of course, ideal for all your workout needs. Besides, it’s sweat-wicking and comfortable to wear, thus your ideal option.

12. Women’s High Basic Midi Leggings

Selena in black yoaga pants

There’s no denying that Selena is subtly sophisticated yet doesn’t show it. Perhaps her fancy lifestyle sells her out, but these minimalist and straightforward yoga pants don’t. They’re perfect for all outdoor activities and grip your body marginally tight, and are a valued wardrobe addition.

13. Puma Always On Graphic 7/8 Tights Peacoat/Emboss LG

selena Gomez in library with yoga pants

You must be creating a visual picture of how pretty and awesome Selena looks in these yoga pants, much of a fact in one of her stunning library photo shoots. In that scene, she’s seen leaning on a bookshelf and visibly relishing the camera flashes before her. These pants are a tight fit and have an elastic waistband, and are super comfy to win the heart of anyone who touches them.

14. Active High Waisted Squat Proof Yoga Legging

squat-proof leggings

These squat-proof leggings are just what you need for your workouts. They’re a perfect replica of Selena’s minimalist yoga pants and offer functionality and fashion in one. Besides, the high-waisted designs make them a favorite for women having tummy cropping goals.

15. Athletic Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

dress like selena gomez

These yoga pants are closely similar to Selena’s Puma 7/8 pants, but they’re subtly plain and high-waisted. They’re also super comfy, tractable, and good for your workouts.

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Selena Gomez and yoga pants are a match made in heaven and perhaps, reflect how much these outfits have taken over popular culture. They’re incredibly stylish and subtly casual for loose days and weekends, where nothing serious seems to bother you.