Purple Yoga Pants for Trendy Outfits

Purple yoga pants are available in a combination of fashion and comfort of stretch in severally trendy styles. The purple fashion meets the performance. Since the early day, the color purple was used to present wealth and royal splendor, and still in today’s world, the purple fashion, especially the yoga pants, still reign.

When they are combined with unique patterns and shades, the purple pants look perfect, and they give a fantastic look. Herewith this article, you will know more about purple yoga pants, top, bestselling purple yoga pants, people brands that deal with the purple yoga pants, and why they are popular. Now let’s start.

Why Are Purple Yoga Pants Popular?

why are purple yoga pants popular

There are many reasons why purple yoga pants are popular. The pants offer a comfortable and fashionable appearance that why most people prefer to go with this kind of yoga pants.

They have a style that provides a superior fit when you wear with other colors of tops or shoes, giving one a trendy appearance.

If you check out the market, you will see that most of the yoga pants available are designed with the color purple.

The color is mainly used to design these pants because of different things, for example, it is a good color that even when you seat it to hide, it is scarce for one to notice.

Another thing is the best match for the one with dark skin, and it matches with their skin tone.

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Top 5 Affordable and Pretty Purple Yoga Pants

Now let’s look at a review of the top 5 purple yoga pants that you can try.

1. Light purple yoga pants:

Auu High Waisted Purple Leggings with Pockets

purple yoga pants for women

Yes, it is a high-waisted stomach yoga pants. It holds your belly well, as per the description of these pants. The pockets are indeed enough to fit your wallet or phone, and you can use them to store other things like keys. Unlike other yoga pants, this one is good for tummy control, and it feels comfortable in it. It does not leave muffin tops once you wear them. The pant fit perfectly, and in general, it is an excellent option.

2. Dark purple yoga pants:

OUGES Dark Purple Women Cool Yoga Pants

dark yoga pants for women

It has a lovely color and gives supper comfort. The high waist and the pockets are perfect. They are kind of the leggings that will not show you the problem of not feeling comfortable. They have good butt support, and if you have a decent thigh, then the curving you will get, you will love it. It’s a fantastic type of pants that you must try.

3. Blue and purple yoga pants:

PERSIT Women’s Printed Blue and Purple Yoga Pants

blue and purple yoga pants

It is an inexpensive pair of pants that is worth your money. First, it does not have any chemical smell when it is brand new like other pants. Even if you go for the light blue and purple, you cannot see through the pant. Overall you will be pleased with the other features like tummy control, stretch, etc. Thanks very much.

4. Purple camo yoga pants:

QUEENIEKE Purple Camo Women Yoga Leggings

purple yoga pants for cool people

Queenieke yoga pants are cute and super comfy. The pants are fantastic that you can wear for yoga exercise, but you can also use them as casual pants that you can go with it on an errand. They have a small back small pocket that will be helpful when doing outdoor excises and you can store your keys. You will also love the patterns and the unique look of the pants; overall, they are lovely leggings.

5. Black and purple yoga pants:

EAST HONG Women’s Black and Purple Leggings

purple yoga pants gym tights

These pants are amazing and well-fitting leggings. The fabric is perfect; though there is not many color combination, black and purple are perfect. If you have a muscular and large booty thigh, you have to try these pants. It will be the best thing that you will have in your wardrobe.

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Best 5 Purple Yoga Pants of Different Styles

The purple yoga pants are available in different styles, and here are some of the best five purple yoga pants base on styles.

1. Purple yoga shorts:

YEOREO Women High Waist Workout Yoga pants

purple smile contour yoga pants

Medium pants have an excellent waistband that gently holds your belly and stays put without rolling down, even during strenuous activities or workouts. It seems they are amazing seamless leggings that one can ever have. Overall the pants are different from others, and you will be excited if you try them.

2. Purple yoga tights and leggings:

CRX YOGA Women’s naked feeling Yoga Pants

naked feeling yoga pants

Honestly, they are a super comfortable pair of leggings you can have. With them in a gym, doing a strenuous workout is the best thing you can have. It does not leave seat marks or uncomfortable moisture. They stay up your waistband; they cannot slide down. Since they are lightweight, you feel nothing when you wear them, and they give you the extra and perfect fit.

3. Purple TikTok leggings:

ViCherub Scrunch Butt Lifting TikTok Yoga Pants

tiktok yoga pants leggings

They are fantastic! Since they are stretchy, you have not had to worry about their comfortability of them. Though they are stretchy, you cannot see through them and provide you with enough room for your hip and waist. They provide good compression and no side effect on your skin. Excellent quality and price, you will be impressed with this seller.

4. Purple flare yoga pants

Women’s Crossover Bootcut Yoga Pants

purple flare yoga pants

They are lovely pants, especially for your plus-size women. You will love the front split. The seller provides good customer service, which is very helpful because you receive the order on time once you order the product. The pant is suitable for workout since it is lightweight and provide a gentle compression while streamlining your booty shape.

5. Purple capris yoga pants

BALEAF Women’s Capri Yoga Pants

best capri yoga pants with pockets

They are excellent and high-quality women leggings for women with wide hips and big booty. Though the pants are extra-large, they fit perfectly since they are stretchy. The pants cover you completely, and you don’t have to worry about underwear to be seen once doing exercise. They come with pockets that are awesome to store your phone without any problem will ding jogging. You will love these capris.

Fashion Advice on Purple Yoga Pants Outfits

When it comes to the purple yoga pants outfit, it is good that you should wear it with matching top clothes or shoes. You can wear pure purple from your top to your shoes. It gives you an excellent and royal looking. The neutral tops and the other accessory you wear also gives you a pretty look. You can go for a grey color which helps to reduce the bright hue of the purple pants color.

You can use beige, which helps to soften the deep shades. Also, white and black are the best matching color since they provide contrast to the shades of purple.

3 Hot Selling Purple Yoga Pants Brands

Now let’s look at the top-selling purple yoga pants brands and their hot-selling pants.

  1. Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the hot-selling purple yoga pants. One of their hot selling product is Lululemon Wunder under yoga pants high-rise. Here is the review of these pants.

You cannot resist buying these pants because they are multipurpose pants with no seams, unlike the other pants from other brands. It provides a fantastic compression fit and is very soft.

It feels like cotton feels the touch. They are of good quality because they still maintain their color and shape due to many washes and wearing. Indeed it is perfect pants from a great brand.

Highly recommended yoga pants:

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants High-Rise

pink blue and purple yoga pants

2. Nike

Absolute Nike women’s active leggings are one of the comfy and cute pants that you can have in your wardrobe. They are accurate to the size. Inexpensive pants are best for running.

The pants it great at their functionality. It comes with extra features like zipped pockets on the back and sides, good features to help you when running. The leggings are very comfortable, and this is why you will like the Nike pants—definitely recommended.

Highly recommended yoga pants:

Nike Women’s Active Leggings

nike purple yoga pants

3. Healing hands purple yoga pants

It is a pair of pants that you must try. The texture and quality of these pants are soft and smooth. You will love the waistband and how it fits on your waist. Once you wear it, you feel flexible and comfortable. You can use the pants when running errands or as your workout pants. In terms of size, they are perfect, and if you have a smaller waist with a larger thigh and butt, then this is the best fit for you.

Highly recommended yoga pants:

Healing Hands Purple Label Women’s 9133 Tori Pants

purple label yoga pants


Purple yoga pants have become an ideal choice for many people today. It is because of the outlook it gives someone and how it matches with different categories of colors.

Due to these reasons, even the famous and prominent brands are now producing purple color yoga pants while others customize them with shades and patterns so that they can win a lot of customers. Hopeful the post has been helpful to you.