10 Coolest Shiny Yoga Pants for Your Looks

Shiny yoga pants have seemingly become an obsession for fitness enthusiasts and a wardrobe staple for many.

This avant-garde trend has slow-rolled into an iconized fashion, racking up massive popularity and taking over the yoga apparel by storm. They’re a revelation of beauty and contemporary fashion, making them a nice vanity addition for numerous people.

This article offers insight into the best shiny yoga pants we could find.

Why Do People Love Shiny Yoga Pants?

why people love to wear shiny yoga pants

The shimmer and glamor in shiny yoga pants – especially the black types – depict extravagance and style, and perhaps, the comfort that tags along with it is hypnotizing.

Besides, they’re super-comfortable, thanks to the subtle fabric combo and high-waisted designs. With no speck of doubt, pairing them with proper tops will make your yoga sessions roll out in style.

Here are the top, shiny leggings you should go for to keep you rocking your yoga and workout sessions on end.

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Top 10 Shiny Black Yoga Leggings

1. Sghenr Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

shiny black yoga pants

These waist-gripping and cozy spandex and polyester yoga pants are just what you need to light up your yoga sessions. They’re incredibly fashionable, easy on the skin, and breathable, perfect for lengthy yoga sessions without nagging irritations.

You can still use them outdoors in your morning runs and frequent stretches as you keep fit since they reserve and don’t print your rear. The yoga pants come in various sizes, making your ideal and body fit size available. And since it’s among the prized black yoga pants, you’re sure you’d find its aesthetics appealing and awe-inspiring.

2. Romastory Women’s Mid-Waist Shiny Sports Leggings

best shiny leggings for workout

This versatile yoga staple allows you to workout outdoors and makes perfect casual wear as you go out skiing, dancing, and vacation. Its subtle spandex and polyester combo make it incredibly breathable and comfortable, allowing marginal gripping on the skin without irritating you.

Besides, it is cool to touch and won’t heat up even as your workouts get sweaty. It’s a perfect niche for fashion and eye candy if you love a touch of classical wear to make you stand out. Besides, it’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about the best way to clean it up.

3. Houmous Women’s Shiny Yoga Pants

Flash Sequins Full-Length Yoga Pants

If glitter and glamor are your taste, these women’s yoga pants with unique flash sequins can be your perfect fit. Thanks to its extravagant embellishment and meticulously ordained nylon blend, it meets your eyes with grace and appeals to everyone.

And while you may grab them for your yoga sessions, you can still use them on your nights out in discos and parties. It contains a significant percentage of nylon and spandex attachment, giving it a good stretching index for your stretches, squats, and flexes without ripping. Besides, it’s machine washable to save you the hassle of scrubbing to clean.

4. Ouyishang Shiny High-Waist Capri Yoga Pants

7/8 Summer Reflex Casual Yoga Pants

This yoga beauty is the perfect-attention grabbing and appealing yoga garment to rock your stretches, squats, and flexes with style. They’re waist-grabbing, marginally tight, with the perfect pressure to give your skin a soothing rub while allowing breathability.

Its 3D metallic sequined prints give it an attention-grabbing uniqueness as you look at donning an adorable classing fashion.

Its tight high waist gives you the right amount of compression to flatten your tummy, and it’s a perfect jack-of-all-trades attire for your workouts and casual wear. The catch, however, is that it’s only hand-washable but an ideal pick nonetheless.

5. Soffe Women Slaying it Leggings

shiny butt lifting yoga pants

These yoga pants are a minimalist version of standard leggings. While they don’t have much aesthetic touch, they offer the best functionality fit for their purpose.

They’re incredibly elastic and retractable, and their fabric won’t loosen after stretching them. Besides, its nylon and spandex fabric combo is breathable and cool to touch even as you heat up during your workout sessions.

And despite sweating, you have no chance of getting puffs of nagging odors as you go on with your training. Its die-cut mesh on its waistband and pull-up closure give it the comfort you crave, thus an ideal pick.

6. Soho Women’s Yoga Pants

Stretchy Activewear Bottoms yoga pants

Are you wondering where to place your accessories as you jog outdoors, including your air pods and phone? These yoga pants might be perfect for lending a hand.

And as much as your yoga sessions won’t require anything in your pockets, they still beat the rest with their comfortable compression on skin and tummy. These yoga pants are highly breathable and won’t irritate your skin even as you sweat.

Besides, their nice shimmer and gracious glamor from their subtle spandex and polyester fabric combination give them a head-turning classic tough design.

7. American Apparel Nylon High Waist Yoga Pants

American Apparel  shiny yoga pants

American Apparel never disappoints with their clothing lines, and it might be about time you tried their iconic nylon tricot yoga pants. Their compact high-waist designs help you fast-track your tummy trimming goal alongside your stretching and workouts.

Besides, they’re perfectly breathable and comfortable, leaving less to worry about getting some nagging irritations. These petite but fitting creations can be perfect for endowed women and plus-sized ladies since it’s stretchy and opaque, immune to revealing your crotch after sweating.

8. Everbellus Women’s Faux Leather High Waisted Leggings

shiny black High Waisted Leggings

These wrinkle-resistant but glamorous high-waisted yoga pants might be everything you crave for your workouts or donning for your casual occasions.

Its gripping and skin-tight feel morphs into a curve-revealing creation you’d want as your wardrobe addition. Besides, their high waist designs are a perk to relish since they give you a marginal but comfortable compression for some tummy control.

9. American Apparel Women’s Metallic Leggings

American Apparel Women's Metallic Legging

If you fancy a stoned and hardened metallic appearance, these yoga leggings are your best bet at achieving that look. Their functionality doesn’t disappoint since they’re perfectly breathable, fitting, and stretchy for comfortable squatting and body stretches. And if you’re about to rock a classic 80s, look no further than this garment for your Halloween and parties. It doesn’t reveal your rear or irritate your skin, thus an ideal pick.

10. Tagoo Women’s Stretchy Faux Leather Yoga Pants

Sexy Red High Waisted Tights

This fleece-lined, opaque and 4-way stretch yoga pant is a shimmer of beauty and incredibly functional to light up your workout and yoga sessions. Besides, it’s the perfect attire for casual outings and nights out, thanks to its hypnotizing glamor.

It’s high-waisted and has a wide waistband to both fit and give you a perfect compression for tummy control. It’s also breathable and will neither stick against sweaty skin nor emit nagging odors.

What to Wear with Shiny Yoga Pants?

Shiny yoga pants are incredibly versatile, and you can throw almost any to compliment them if you fancy a minimalist dressing code.

However, if you have a perfect eye for detail, you might find it necessary to cherry-pick what to pair them with. Most black outfits aren’t mind-boggling to find the perfect pairing, and these picks can be ideal.

• Cropped hoodie

• Bomber jacket

• Sporty sneakers and oversized tees

• A duster for extra coverage

• Baseball cap

• A loosely-fitting basketball vest


Black shinny leggings are becoming an apparent fashion, with a bit of vintage and classic touch. These apparel are incredibly versatile and match any occasion, whether your yoga sessions or outdoor workout.

Besides, they’re impeccable pieces for casual outings, thanks to their comfortable knitting and effortless fashion. If anything, getting one will surely keep you rocking fashion in high spirits.