Fun Yoga Poses to Try with Your Friends Outdoors!

Yoga photography is part of the daily routine for many yogis. A beautiful and interesting yoga photo is not only a proof of wonderful memories, but also a record of their love of life.

Finding the best yoga pose for you is just one part of the journey, so take some time to play around and have some laughs with a friend or by yourself.

Trying new poses can be a fun and creative way to strengthen your body while also focusing on breathing correctly.

Today, we’d like to share a super simple photography method often used by Instagram yogi Riva G – the Reference Object Method.

This method involves using an object in the background or foreground of your yoga photo as a reference point, creating a unique and creative shot that captures your practice moment.

1. Use Fruits

2. Use Flowers and Leaves

3. Use Trees

4. Use Stones and Balloon

5. Use Shells

6. Use Buildings

7. Use The Moon or Sun