Try Yoga Poses While Browsing the Tik TokĀ 

Although you’re on your phone, you can’t just practice yoga poses. Every pose requires muscle awareness and attention, otherwise, you’re just lazy.

The benefits of playing with your phone during yoga practice is that you can use it to distract from muscle pain and fatigue, allowing you to practice more deeply.

People always say that the phone is the biggest obstacle to practicing yoga, but if you overcome it, it will be interesting. Maybe you can develop a new style of playing with your phone and practicing yoga at the same time.

1. Supine yoga pose

2. Split Yoga Pose

3. Wide Angle Seated Forward Yoga Pose

4. Sleeping Swan Yoga Pose

5. Wild Yoga Pose

6. Spine Bound Angle Yoga Pose

7. Spin Yoga Pose

8. Forward Bend while Sitting

9. Locust Yoga Pose

10. Plank Yoga Pose

11. Chair Pose

12. Running Pose

13. Standing Forward Bend Pose

14. Lotus Pose

15. Bridge Pose

16. New Moon Pose

17. Lunge Pose

18. Warrior III Pose

19. Walking Stick Pose

20. Boat Yoga Pose