How to Wear Yoga Pants with Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts?

Dressing is not only for fashion and good looks but also an expression of life attitude and taste.

Wear yoga pants with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts is a great way to create an edgy yet comfortable look. Choose from neutral colors such as grey or black, or go bold with bright colors and printed designs.

You can also choose from an array of accessories to compliment your look. A fun crossbody bag with lots of pockets and zippers is the perfect way to carry all your necessities for everyday errands or afternoon coffee dates.

Here are 4 golden rules to follow:

1. Wear an Oversized Hoodie of Medium Length

The close-fitting texture of yoga pants means that the sweater needs to be loose, so as to make a contrast between the upper and lower layers.

1) For a pear-shaped body

The key point of outfits: Use a sweatshirt of medium length and looseness to cover the crotch.

Oversized and Loose Hoodie:

Wearing something overly loose can make a slim upper body look sloppy.

The best option is to go for one size up – loose and comfortable, but not too baggy for a bit of slouchy appeal.

Medium Length

Opting for a longer sweatshirt can help you conceal your bottom and hips, creating an illusion of slimness when contrasted with tight-fitting yoga pants.

However, don’t let the length go beyond one third of your thigh or else it will divide up your legs too much and shift your visual center down, making them look shorter.

Layering up is also a great way to hide those hips. The trick to layering is to create contrast in length and fit between the cardigan and the mugging it’s layered over, while still keeping the entire set short of one-third of the thigh.

2) For an apple-shaped body

The key point of outfits: maintain a sense of breathability around the chest.

Bigger collared sweatshirts (while still keeping it loose) can help create more room in that area and wearing yoga pants can bring attention to your slim lower half while helping to visually downplay any roundness on top.

A Large Neckline

Hoodless sweatshirts generally have round collars, so keep away from small ones if you don’t want a tight fit.

On the other hand, zip-up sweatshirts come with their own small V-neck, but due to the shape and tighter fit of the collar, they can often feel quite restrictive.

So it’s important to choose carefully. A cardigan is a great option for maximum comfort. Thanks to its adjustable zipper, it can be adjusted to create the perfect amount of tightness while still looking stylish.

It also gives you more control over your neckline – so when zipped up, it creates a flattering V-shape that will help lengthen your neck and soften broader shoulders or busts.

2. Color Coordination Keep the Balanece of the Outfits.

In addition to the most common black yoga pants, there are actually plenty of colorful ones out there. When the colors of each individual item become richer, it is important to pay attention to how those colors coordinate with each other.

1)Avoid nude-colored yoga pants

Nude colors are close to skin tone, and yoga pants hug the body with no wrinkles. Wearing nude colors on top of them can give a feeling of awkwardness as if there’s nothing being worn below the waist.

2) Color Matching Principles

Basic Colors:

Basic colors are versatile and the least likely to be wrong:

♦ basic color hoodie + basic color yoga pants, the most simple and daily look;

♦ basic color hoodie + colorful yoga pants, avoiding exaggerated colors and reflective yoga fabric;

♦ colorful hoodie + basic color yoga pants, staying away from fluorescent colors and providing a pleasant and eye-catching look.

Colorful Pants:

When matching colorful hoodies with colorful yoga pants, these points should be taken into consideration:

♦ reducing the saturation and brightness of colors to avoid looking too dark and increasing the sense of expansion;

♦ paying attention to the changes in depth within a color family to provide sufficient layers;

♦ adding a white inner layer for a “transition” to balance out the clash between colors;
♦ avoid using colors that contrast each other too strongly, starting off with nearby colors instead.

Color Echo

Color echo further emphasizes the sense of details.

① Hoodie Color Echo

The most direct echo is between the hoodie and the sports shoes. When they are matched in terms of sizes, forming a color echo will make the look neither too artificial nor too eye-catching while emphasizing the details and layers. Echoing through socks and hoodies works well too.

The socks can wrap up the ankles to form a stretching up feeling as well as shape the legs.

② Yoga Pants Color Echo

For yoga pants color echo, accessories on the upper body like hats and bags can be chosen for matching. Different appearances of colors create more abundant layer effects.

3. Wear Proper Sneakers and Socks to Show Personality.

1) Sneaker

Add a pair of sneakers that match your style to complete the look and you’re ready to hit the town in style. Not only will this combo keep you warm but it can also add a touch of personality to any outfit.

2) Socks

Similarly, colored or patterned socks have a greater visual impact than plain-colored ones. And the socks are always connected with the sports shoes. The elements of the socks increase, and they keep the balance.

4. Use Chunky Jewelry & Accessories to Complete the Look

Chunky jewelry is also a great statement piece with yoga pants and oversized hoodies. Add a pair of hoop earrings, layered necklaces and stackable bracelets to complete your look.


Choose a hoodie that complements the yoga pants in terms of color or pattern. Dress up with sports shoes that have some sense of weight to balance the lightness of the yoga pants and provide an overall balanced look. For added visual interest, consider wearing socks with colorful patterns or prints for extra style points.