How to Hem Yoga Pants at Home?

If you have a pair of yoga pants that have loosened up after a while and have become longer, you don’t have to throw them away. Hemming your yoga pants is a quick, easy, and cost-effective alternative.

How to hem your yoga pants without visiting the tailor? We will discuss both in detail and wrap up with the best tips on hemming stretchy yoga pants.

How to Hem Yoga Pants with Sewing Machine?

how to hem yoga pants with a sewing machine

It doesn’t come as a surprise that sewing machine is the common equipment people use to hem yoga pants. It eases and speeds up the entire process. This section will focus on hemming yoga pants using a sewing machine.

Tools to Prepare:

  • A pair of yoga pants
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing thread
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape (A ruler can also do the job)
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper

Steps to hem yoga pants with a sewing machine

Step 1: Carefully remove the hem stitches

For this step, you will need a seam ripper. Remove hemstitches, if there are any. Be cautious to avoid tearing the fabric.

Step 2: Measure the new hem size

Now that the yoga pants are stitch-free measure the new hem’s height.

A ruler or a measurement tape should give you accurate results. To avoid forgetting the measurement, use a straight pin to mark the new length.

Step 3: Iron the yoga pants

Next is folding the extra fabric to your ideal length into the cuff and pressing it down. Then iron the pants using a suitable temperature that the material can withstand.

Please note that before pressing the pants with the iron, the alignment has to be even.

Step 4: Pin the edges of the pants and get rid of excess fabric

Start by unfolding the bottom of the leg sleeves when the pants are laid flat and pinned on a surface.

With the help of a ruler, mark a few inches away from the new hemline and cut that excess fabric.

Step 5: Fold and stitch

Carefully fold the edges of the yoga pants at the new hemline. Pins can come in handy in securing the fold.

Place the pants in a sewing machine and sew at least a ΒΌ inch from the edges.

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What is the best stitch to use?

This is usually tricky because yoga pants are made from stretchy materials. The best stitch to use is a stretch stitch.

A good example is a zigzag stitch. It should hold the edges in place while still creating room for stretching. Make sure you stitch all around the edges.

If you wanna learn more details about hemming yoga pants, check out the video below:

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How to Hem Yoga Pants with Hands?

hem your yoga pants without using sewing machine

Not everyone owns a sewing machine. Plus, some people generally don’t like using them. Well, you can still hem yoga pants using the hand stitching method.

Tools to prepare:

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric marker
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pins
  • A hand-sewing kit

Steps to hem yoga pants by hands

Step 1: Carefully remove hemstitches and then wear the yoga pants

Step 2: Fold the yoga pant material to reach your desired hemline.

Step 3: Mark the new hemline using pins. You can easily prick yourself, so be careful when handling the pins.

Step 4: Gently remove the pants so that the pins can remain intact. These pins will guide you in marking the new hemline.

Step 5: Mark the location of the pins using a chalk or fabric marker if you have one. This will be your new hemline.

Step 6: With a mark in place, you no longer need pins. Get rid of them and then open up your fabric. Lay it on a flat surface.

Step 7: Cut off the excess fabric but not on the marked area. It’s advisable always to leave at least a quarter an inch.

Step 8: Fold the fabric on the marked line and pin the edges so that they remain firm on a surface.

Step 9: Bring out your hand sewing kit and sew along the folded edge of the yoga pants.

Don’t forget to tie a knot and cut off any excess thread when you are done. Like sewing via machine, a stretch stitch is the best choice for sewing yoga pants by hand.

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Which Is the Best Way for Beginners to Sew Yoga Pants?

sewing machine or hand stitching for yoga pants

Both options have their pros and cons. Plus, they appeal to people with varying preferences.

Out of the two, beginners should go with the sewing machine option. The hand stitching method has a learning curve, and a hand-sewn stretch can break easily if not done correctly.

A sewing machine creates durable and neat stitches faster. That’s precisely what you need when hemming yoga pants. You can’t directly step on a sewing machine and get it right. You have to go through guides and online tutorials.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean hemming yoga pants using hands is impossible for beginners.

With the help of guides, you can perfect this skill and never have to endure long yoga pants for the rest of your life.

The choice solely lies in your preferences.

Tips on Hemming Stretchy Yoga Pants

We will leave you with a couple of tricks that will ensure you successfully hem yoga pants.

1. If you have the time and resources, opt to use a sewing machine. Yoga pants can be pretty expensive, especially those made using high-quality fabric, such as the Lululemon yoga pants.

To ensure you hem them correctly, sewing machines feature different stitching settings, and compared to hand sewing, it has a minimal chance of error.

2. When measuring the new hemline, always ensure the fold reaches the floor.

3. Always work with the correct measurements. Do not hesitate to put on the pants if you are unsure of the right size to cut.

4. You can easily create an uneven hemline when pinning the pants by yourself. It would be better to find someone to help you mark the hemline.

5. Stick to a color-matching thread.

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Contrary to popular opinion, hemming yoga pants isn’t hard. All you require are a set of basic sewing skills and the necessary tools.

Hopefully, our guide above has educated you on how to hem yoga pants with hands and a sewing machine. Feel free to choose the method that seems more suitable to you.