How to Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines?

Despite yoga pants being a really good stretch and workout motivator, they come with a major challenge, underwear lines. It can be such a bummer to have had a good session at yoga practice.

How to wear yoga pants without underwear lines? Luckily, there is a way to navigate this challenge successfully.

How to Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines

The following hacks will literally eliminate underwear lines after wearing your yoga pants. What panties to wear with yoga pants?

1. Choose the proper underwear

Choosing the proper underwear is the first vital step to achieving a seamless look with your yoga pants on.

Not all underwears blend well with this type of attire. Thankfully, there is a variety of underwear options that you can choose from:

  • Thongs and the G-String
weat  G-String to avoid underwear line for yoga pants

A G-string is a thong that passes between the bum and is connected to a waistband around the hips to hide or hold the genitals. G-strings can be worn by both men and women.

It can be worn as a bikini bottom in swimwear, but it can also be worn as a monokini or a topless swimsuit. G-strings are also worn by exotic or go-go dancers.

To avoid a visible panty line, a G-string can be worn as underwear instead of panties, or instead of briefs to boost sex appeal. This sort of underwear is ideal for yoga pants because it doesn’t reveal any lines.

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  • Seamless panties
wear seamless panties under your yoga pants

Seamless underwear is intended to conceal pantyhose lines while also providing soothing and compressive effects.

When wearing formfitting clothing like yoga pants, leggings, body-con dresses, or jeans, a pair of seamless underwear is excellent.

They’re usually comprised of a blend of cotton, spandex, modal, nylon, or elastane and are intended to be elastic and raw-edged.

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  • Boy short underwear
what underwear should you wear for yoga pants

Boy short underwear is perfect to be worn inside yoga pants because they don’ leave any panty lines. They neither dig nor chafe. Boy shorts are the pinnacle in ‘shapewear’ for certain people.

The full, contouring fabric of boy shorts can give the round, sculpted shape you’re seeking if you’re looking for panties that raise and support your bum.

  • Perfect size of panty to fit

Sometimes sizing is the biggest challenge and the one thing you find yourself getting wrong when it comes to getting the perfect underwear.

Sizing is extremely important because getting the wrong size can make your whole day suck. This can show from the outside of your yoga pants and it is not a pleasing sight.

On the other hand, if the underwear is too tight, it will definitely leave a panty line once you’ve worn your yoga pants.

Tight panties are a huge problem because they can also cause irritation in your private area. It is, therefore, crucial to pick the best fitting size.

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2. Go commando

This means skipping underwear and jumping onto wearing your yoga pants with nothing inside.

This practice is mostly advised for when you are going to bed at night, but over time, people have been opting to go commando as they run their daily errands.

If you don’t find the perfect underwear that doesn’t leave panty lines, this is an option that you can consider. You just need to have a few things in mind:

  • Make sure you are not on your period
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your camel toe showing since yoga pants are tight.

3. Wear more layers to disguise

Wear more layers to cover underwear lines

Layers are a life-saver when it comes to disguising panty-lines. If you have your yoga pants on and unfortunately underwear lines are showing and you don’t have time to change, just throw on a long top/t-shirt that will be able to go over that area.

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4. Choose yoga pants with patterns to distract attention

This is a very genius trick! Going for yoga pants with a lot of print and patterns is a creative way of disguising those annoying underwear lines.

The trick is finding pants that have a pattern right on the bum area. This is a very effective way of ensuring no panty lines are in sight during yoga practice.

5. Wear long tops to cover it

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to change yet your underwear lines are showing, just throw on a long top that covers your bum to conceal the showing underwear lines

6. Choose the right yoga pants

This is the most basic hack when it comes to concealing underwear lines. Just make sure you go for the right size of yoga pants, that are neither too loose nor too tight.

You should also make a point of picking one with very thick fabric instead of a thin transparent one.

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Underwear lines mess with your self-esteem. So much so that you might actually decide to cancel yoga classes altogether.

And you should therefore adopt one of these methods to mitigate that situation.

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