How to Cut Yoga Pant Into Shorts?

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to dispose of your old yoga pants that still fit. Your favorite yoga pants may shorten due to excessive drying, and converting them into shorts is a perfect idea.

Cute shorts are all the rage now, and turning your worn-out yoga pants into shorts isn’t a bad idea. So, how to cut yoga pants into shorts? Now read this article to learn more.

How Should You Cut Your Yoga Pants into Shorts?

toos you need when cutting yoga pants into shorts

Tool You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing pins 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Ruler chalk or marking pen
  • Needle and thread 
  • Scissors 
  • Seam ripper

Steps to make loose-fitting yoga pants into shorts

Step 1. Mark the cutting areas

Wear the yoga pants and then mark your desired length. Making the line on the inseam of the pant is the easiest way.

After marking the cutting areas, remove the pants and place them on the sewing table.

If you opt to make a neater hemline, you can add more marks and connect the marks to make a complete line with chalk.

You can also use a ruler at this step to achieve a precise, accurate, and neat short.

Step 2. Make measurements

steps to cut yoga pants into shorts

After marking your short, use a ruler to confirm that both sides are equal. The best way is to measure each leg from the waist to the inseam.

These measurements will help you mark the other leg easily. It’s very important to add a seam or hem allowance by adding one or two inches.

At this step, you can wish to make your pants tighter. Take the measurements of your hips and mark the points on your yoga pants.

Step 3. Add pins

Add pins on the marked points for easier cutting.

Step 4. Make the Cut

Make even and straight cuts along the marked lines using scissors during this step.

You should cut all the extra fabric from the sides to make the shorts more fitting.

Step 5. Make the hem

Fold the bottom of the shorts and start creating a hem on the inside. Fold the hem on both legs carefully to ensure it’s even on both sides.

Step 6. Sew the hem

You can use a sewing machine or a threaded sewing needle to hem the bottom leg of the short where you have folded inwardly.

You should give the hem an allowance of at least one inch from where you made the original cut to avoid the stitch from getting out easily. It’s advisable to sew the hem twice to have a solid stitch line.

Step 7. Try them on

After sewing the hem, the remaining part is to try your shorts on. Put your shorts on and measure the length to ensure it’s what you want.

If they’re longer, remove and cut at a higher point and then sew them.

If they’re shorter, you can remove the hem using a seam ripper and then make new marks and increase the length.

You should also ensure the shorts are as fitting as you wish.

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Steps to make tight yoga pants and leggings into shorts

how turn tight yoga pants into shorts

The steps followed when converting loose yoga pants into shorts are similar to those of loose yoga pants.

The only different step is the width, and for tight yoga parts, you won’t have to remove any fabric from the side.

Instead, if the sides have an allowance, you can use a seam ripper and loosen them a bit.

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Closing Remarks

Hopefully, we have helped you understand the steps you need to follow on how to cut yoga pants into shorts.

If you have yoga pants that have shortened or have holes on the lower side, you don’t have to throw them away. The most important thing is to be accurate when taking the measurements.

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