What Are Yoga Pants Made Of?

Yoga pants come in many different styles, designs, and fabrics. The most popular yoga pant designs include plain solid colors, stripes, and comfortable boot cut designs.

But do you know what are yoga pants made of? Today we will be discussing how yoga pants are made, and what their different fabrics consist of.

What Are the 6 Common Fabrics of Yoga Pants?

what materials yoga pants made of

1. Spandex

Spandex, also known as elastane, is used in yoga pants because it stretches with your body. This feature of spandex makes it the most commonly used fabric in yoga pants.


  • Spandex is great for activewear because it wicks away moisture from your body.
  • Moisture-wicking technology traps perspiration and moves it through the fabric and into your outer layers, allowing you to stay dry all day long.
  • It is great at holding its shape without becoming baggy throughout the day.


  • Spandex isn’t as durable as cotton, so over time your yoga pants may become baggier and lose their original shape.

Who should buy it:

For people who live an active lifestyle and enjoy fitness activities such as yoga, jogging, and bicycling, spandex will work great for you.

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2. Nylon

Nylon is another common fabric used in yoga pants. Nylon is durable, and not easily ripped or torn. This fabric can handle most yoga positions, making nylon a great choice for the active woman in the market for some new workout clothes.


  • Nylon is extremely durable and can handle most yoga positions.
  • It maintains its size and shape throughout the day with little to no bagging.


  • Nylon isn’t as breathable as cotton – so if you’re an active woman looking for a workout legging that wicks away moisture from your body, nylon may not be a great choice.

Who should buy it:

People who lead a busy lifestyle and enjoy active sports but are less sweaty, or anyone looking for a new pair of yoga pants that will last them a while.

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3. Lycra

Lycra is another common fabric used in yoga pants. Lycra is similar to spandex, with the distinction that it is more durable than spandex.


  • Lycra lasts longer than spandex.


  • It may not stretch as much.

Who should buy it:

People who enjoy active sports or yoga, and want a pair of yoga pants that will last them at least 6 months to a year. Also, people who want to look good when they go out shopping with their friends or wear casual clothes around the house.

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4. Cotton

This is a common material used in yoga pant fabrics because of its comfortable, breathable feel against your skin. Cotton yoga pants are breathable, unlike some other fabrics used to make yoga clothes.

This quality makes them a popular choice for both men and women who enjoy wearing yoga pants every day for any activity. Yoga pants made from cotton are great for both active women and those who enjoy lounging around at home or watching yoga videos from the comfort of their couch.


  • Cotton is extremely comfortable as it feels great against your skin.
  • Great for wicking away moisture from your body, keeping you cool during workouts or hot yoga sessions.


  • Cotton pants can become baggy as they stretch throughout the day.

Who should buy it:

Everyone! Whether you like to watch yoga videos online or go out and practice yoga with your friends, cotton yoga pants are great for anyone who wants to feel comfortable while looking stylish.

Get yourself a piece of cotton yoga pants now and start your yoga journey now!

why should you get cotton yoga pants

5. Hemp

Hemp is the only natural fiber on this list and, therefore, it is also one of the most expensive fabrics used to make yoga pants.

Hemp is breathable and very comfortable, so if you want something that’s made with all-natural materials, hemp yoga pants might be a great choice for you.


  • Hemp is extremely durable, breathable, and comfortable.


  • It is expensive.

Who should buy it:

People who care about what fabric their workout clothes are made from, or anyone who simply wants a quality pair of yoga pants that will last them up to a year or more.

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6. Rayon

Like hemp, Rayon is also a fabric that uses natural materials. Yoga pants made from Rayon are very soft and comfortable. They come in many colors and styles, so you can find them in any fashion and price range.


  • Rayon is very soft and comfortable, making it great for yoga.


  • Rayon isn’t as durable as other fabrics used to make yoga pants.

Who should buy it:

The fashionista in you, or anyone looking for a soft, comfortable, and stylish pair of yoga pants to wear during the day.

What Are Lululemon Yoga Pants Made of?

what are lululemon yoga pants made of?

Many lululemon yoga pants are made from Luon fabric, which is made from 86% polyester and 8% lycra.

Luon fabric is stretchy, dries quickly, and wicks away moisture from your body. The Lycra fabric prevents the cloth from stretching or pulling out, while the nylon provides coverage.

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Are Yoga Pants Made of Spandex?

No, yoga pants are made from many fabric blends.

Spandex is just one of the several fabrics used to make a high-quality pair of workouts or yoga pants.

Remember that no matter what fabric is used in your yoga pants, you should always choose quality over quantity.


Remember, when shopping for your next pair of workout or yoga pants, try to think in terms of function and comfort rather than in price.

Yoga clothes should be stylish without compromising comfort, so when you are ready, go out there and find yourself some comfortable yoga pants that will help you get through your next grueling yoga sesh. Good luck!