How to Quickly Wash Yoga Pants without Any Problem?

Washing your yoga pants is a necessity that can also be a mystery. Washing delicate items like yoga pants can be a confusing process. Depending on the item and how often you wear them, you may want to wash your yoga pants after one or two uses.

How to Wash Yoga Pants Properly?

Everyone knows that yoga pants are the best thing since sliced bread, but they don’t stay fresh for long. To make them last longer, use this handy guide to wash your yoga pants!

Steps for Hand-Washing Yoga Pants

how to wash yoga pants by hands

Step 1: Get a bucket and fill it with cold water. Throw in some borax. Don’t use hot water even though you believe that hot water makes clothes cleaner. On the contrary, most fabrics can be ruined by hot temperatures.

Step 2: Add a dash of Tide or any other detergent you like. (Don’t use bleach, as it’s too harsh for those delicates)

Step 3: Put in your dirty yoga pants and let them soak for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Remove from the bucket and rinse.

Step 5: Don’t wring them to drain excess water. You should instead press them to the sides of your basin.

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Tips for Machine-Washing Yoga Pants and Leggings

You’re probably wondering if you can machine-wash. The answer is yes.

You can use a machine to wash your yoga pants but be careful and consider the following tips.

1. Don’t use heat.

The fabric used to make yoga pants and leggings should always be washed in cold water. They should also be air-dried away from radiators and under a shade.

2. Synthetic materials collect lint easily.

To avoid this, you shouldn’t mix yoga pants with other clothing items made from other materials. Only wash with other yoga pants and workout tops. It’s also advisable to turn them inside out so there’s less friction on the outer finish. You’d rather have lint fuzz balls on the inside than on the outside.

3. You should use the gentle cycle option on the washing machine.

4. Always use a high-quality detergent.

You can use a detergent that’s specifically for spandex or sports clothing. This is because other detergents may not clean the fabric thoroughly due to the nature of the fabric.

5. Too much detergent isn’t good.

This is because it might leave some behind which may irritate your skin. The other reason is too much detergent might make your yoga pants or leggings sticky and stiff. This can make your pants trap odor and bacteria.

6. Don’t use fabric softener

The silicone present in them makes a thin coating on your yoga pants making them less breathable and uncomfortable. To eliminate odors, you can soak them in cold water mixed with vinegar for about 30 minutes before you start washing them.

7. Don’t use clips or hangers with your leggings.

They can stretch the fabric instead, you should lay them flat or drape them to dry. When draping, ensure they don’t have excess water as it will weigh them down thus stretching.

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Tips on Washing Yoga Pants of Different Brands

how to wash lululemon yoga pants

Several brands make yoga pants and leggings. They include Lululemon, Alo, Athleta, Victoria’s Secret, and Tiktok leggings. Below are tips for washing each brand.

Lulu lemon yoga pants

  • Lulu lemons are mainly made from LYCRA fiber. Always use cold water when washing to lengthen the life of your pants.
  • You should wash bright-colored pants with like-colored clothing. It’s recommended that you wash the bright-colored ones before you wear them. When they are wet, keep them away from other fabrics.
  • Wash your Lulu lemons inside out and without mixing with other fabrics like cotton.
  • Don’t use fabric softener.

Alo yoga pants

  • To keep your pants looking new, wash them inside out to reduce friction.
  • Since hot water can lead to fade and shrinkage, always use cold water.
  • Always hang them up to dry after sweating before you add them to the hamper.
  • Always hang them to dry after washing or tumble-dry them on a low setting.
  • Don’t bleach

Athleta yoga pants

  • Flip them inside-out when washing to extend their life. You can also put them in individual mesh laundry bags.
  • Use little detergent. Active detergent is recommended. Use a gentle cycle and use cold water. It’s okay to use warm water sometimes.
  • Using fabric softeners will reduce the breathability of the fabric by coating it with a wax-like material. It’s therefore advisable to keep off fabric softeners.

Victoria Secret leggings

  • Use cold water and a gentle cycle.
  • You shouldn’t use a dryer. Instead, lay the leggings flat to dry or use clothes drying rack.
  • Active detergent is most recommended to remove oil stains.

Tiktok leggings

  • Use a detergent that’s sport-specific to be able to clean the leggings thoroughly.
  • Drape them to dry instead of using a dryer.
  • Don’t bleach as it stains the fabric.
  • Use cold water and a gentle cycle.

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How Often Should You Wash Yoga pants?

when should you wash yoga pants

After buying your stylish yoga pants, the question on your mind is how often you should wash them.

This is dependent on the purpose of the yoga pant. If you wear them without working out, then you should wash them after two to three weeks.

If you work out in them, you should clean them after every time you wear especially if you work on the floor or sweat a lot.

Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Yoga Pants and Leggings

Different brands make their yoga pants using different materials. All these materials should be washed with special care as described below.

Fleece-lined yoga pants


  • Use cold water.
  • Flip the leggings inside out.
  • Rinse them twice with cold water.
  • Air dry after wringing until it’s slightly damp.


  • Use the dryer.
  • Use hot water.
  • Bleach.

Cotton yoga pants


  • Wash similar bright colors together.
  • Use cold or lukewarm water.
  • Air-dry them.


  • Use a lot of detergents.
  • Wring the pants.
  • Use hanging pins or hangers

Nylon yoga pants


  • Use cold water.
  • Use regular detergents.
  • Drip dry on a flat surface.


  • Use the dryer.
  • Use hot water.
  • Use chlorine bleach

Lycra yoga pants


  • Use mild detergent.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Air-dry.
  • Wash in a mesh bag


  • Bleach with chlorine.
  • Use the dryer.
  • Iron


Washing your yoga pants is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do. This process won’t only help to keep your yoga gear looking great, but will also ensure that you’re practicing in a clean environment.

By washing your yoga gear regularly, you’ll prevent bacteria from building up and avoid any unpleasant smells or stains on your clothing.