20 Famous Yoga Pants Models

Yoga pants are continuing to be a staple of any wardrobe. They are dang easy and comfortable to slip in when you wish to spare some effort and time. And for people who love excising, know that there are yoga pants models mostly worn by celebrities which are the talk right now.

No matter how you wear these yoga pants, they are very versatile. Whether you want a pant to exercise or just chill in them with your friends, you’ve got yourself lucky as the below yoga pants models will suit you just fine.

Sexy Yoga Pant Models

Are you looking for sexy yoga pants that will perfectly fit your body? These sexy yoga pant models are what you should go for:

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner in Yoga Pants

Kendall Jenner proves to you that you can’t go wrong with yoga pants, especially from the Nike brand. And when you match it with a top, you will look spectacular.

The yoga pant from Nike will hug you just fine, thanks to their sculpting waistband, which is just above the belly button. Its non-sheer make allows you to bend downward with full confidence.

2. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber in yoga pants

You should surely take a break from all the traditional black-styled yoga pants and go for the Alo Yoga pants, which are the most loved yoga pants by Hailey Bieber.

These yoga pants are a definition of luxury with a butter-soft fabric that offers one a good comprehensive feel, keeping one dry as they breathe, stretch your pose and hold it.

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3. Vanessa Hudgens Yoga Pant

Vanessa Hudgens Yoga Pant

Do not fail to look for the yoga pant models that Vanesa Hudgens loves. They come in various colors that resemble the P.E Nation’s elevated styles and look just casual but bring that longing impression that any person will love.

You may wear these pants with a cute top to bring that eye-catching elegance.

4. Kristen Bell Yoga Pants

Kristen Bell Yoga Pants

If you want yoga pants just for fun, look no further than the Tory Sport owned by Bell.

With the hidden pocket with a waistband for key or card, these Kristen Bell pant models are your go-to pants.

5. Irina Shayk Yoga Pants

Irina Shayk Yoga Pants

As Shayk demonstrated, Calzendonia’s lightweight yoga pants are the best for any casual moment.

Besides, you may also dress them up with any blazer as you wish. Sounds really nice. These yoga pants shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe whatsoever.

Fitness Yoga Pants Models

6. Ashley graham yoga pants

Ashley graham yoga pants

Graham has brought creative ways of rocking in Gymshark yoga pants. These pants are a true definition of simplicity yet a superb feel and appearance.

You are all settled for an outing with your girls, or just chill on and about with these yoga pants.

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7. Kaia Gerber Yoga Pants

Kaia Gerber Yoga Pants

The Kaia yoga pants have a wide waistband to bring that high-rise look.

Such yoga pants can take you from a workout class direct to a brunch. It comes in many colors like black, white, gray, and camel, ranging in size from 00 to 22, thus fitting most ladies.

8. Gal Gadot Yoga Pants

Gal Gadot Yoga Pants

The two-tone pair from Alo, worn by Gal Gadot, will give you ample time while doing your toughest workouts and, at the same time, keep you good-looking. You can decide to pair the pants with a cute accessory to look stunning.

9. Candice Swanepoel yoga pants

Candice Swanepoel yoga pants

The yoga pants worn by Candice are a true definition of an elite and gorgeous clothing style.

Mainly these pants bring out the versatility needed in a pant, making them look appealing. They give that impression of favorite booty wear with its casual look.

Instagram Yoga Pants Models

10. Bella Hadid Yoga Pants

Bella Hadid Yoga Pants

The trendy wear of Bella Hadid indeed packs a punch. Apart from the bikinis and crop tops, the yoga pants still remain the top priority in her wardrobe.

She has that master art of mix-matching the yoga pants to bring that classy look. Bella yoga pants are simple yet functional and embrace that comfort factor without sacrificing finesse.

11. Kourtney Kardashian Yoga Pant

Kourtney Kardashian Yoga Pant

The yoga pants from Spanx are what Kourtney has raved with most of the time and specifically on her lifestyle site.

The Spanx yoga pants are what defines sculpting fabric performance. With its contoured waistband, you’ll at all times feel sucked in and feel good in them.

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12. Eva Longoria Yoga Pants

Eva Longoria Yoga Pants

The actress flaunted her sexy workout body in a green matching set from the Girlfriend Collective, a yoga pant brand loved by many celebrities.

These pants are simple once you see them, but you’ll know what a classy outfit it is after putting them on.

13. Jen selter yoga pants

Jen selter yoga pants

The yoga pants loved by Jen Selter are what define high quality and cute wear. They are comfortable with their thick waistband.

14. Elsa Hosk Yoga Pants

Elsa Hosk Yoga Pants

Take your yoga pants to the next level with the Elsa Hosk yoga pants. With a simple top, you’ll look superb in these yoga pants.

The light compression in your tummy area is what makes the Elsa Hosk pants model be your go for yoga pants.

15. Brie Larson Yoga Pants

Brie Larson Yoga Pants

The Star in Captain Marvel rocked with classy blue FP Movement yoga pants from the Free People in the gym. It’s butter-soft and comes with a waistband that is ribbed knit.

16. Nicole Scherzinger Yoga Pants

Nicole Scherzinger Yoga Pants

The Masked Singer showed off what flexibility means with her Gymshark yoga pant. Actually, this is her most loved activewear that is simple yet gorgeous.

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17 . Meghan Markle Yoga Pants

Meghan Markle Yoga Pants

Like many people, Meghan Markle is a fan of Lululemon, especially the Align pant that comes in black. She had severally worn the best-selling yoga pant when she was pregnant and on other occasions.

18. Lucy Hale Yoga Pants

Lucy Hale Yoga Pants

With its stunning green shade that is very soft and a high waistband, the yoga pants from Alo are what Lucy Hale loves a lot. Lucy is seen cuddling her dogs while wearing these yoga pants. They’ve everything a yoga pants needs.

19. Jennifer Lopez Yoga Pants

Jennifer Lopez Yoga Pants

Jennifer Lopez is known as a queen of workouts and yoga pants. The star is seen wearing the yoga pants from Koral many times, and even if it’s a simple outfit, J.Lo opts for yoga pants with a lustrous sheen, such as the Koral number.

Plus Size Yoga Pants Models

20. Lizzo Yoga Pants

Lizzo Yoga Pants

Lizzo, a pop-star, appeared classy and gorgeous in the yoga pants that features bike short from Stax.

These shorts are hot short yoga pants for those who like shorts. They have become essential wear in this activewear world.