Most Popular Yoga Pants with Skirt

As the yoga pants choices become more, you may find yourself longing to wear your favorite pants and skirt without layering shirts or wearing jackets. The solution? Yoga pants with skirts, let you show off your outfits while staying nice and comfortable.

The best way to find the perfect pair of yoga pants with a skirt is to know what you’re looking for, be honest about your preferences, and then make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy them.

Why Do People Like Yoga Pants with An Attached Skirt?

why people love yoga pants with skirt

Are you among yoga-pants-wearers who don’t want to buy two pairs of bottoms to get their ideal look? That’s where an attached skirt comes in handy.

1. It’s essentially a shorter version of a typical yoga pant made out of lightweight material so it doesn’t weigh you down while you move through your class.

2. Besides, yoga pants with skirts are fashionable and functional. The great thing about yoga pants with skirts is that they are comfortable, versatile, and flattering—no matter your size.

3. They go well with all kinds of clothing options, including other workout attire as well as casual street clothes like shoes and shirts.

4. Due to their lightweight material, yoga pants with skirts dry quickly. They’re ideal for outdoor classes in colder weather and are a great alternative to conventional pants during warm summer months.

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Yoga Pants with Overlay Skirt

1. When do you need yoga pants with a longer skirt?

Yoga pants can either have long or short skirts. Those with long pants are ideal for people who want to keep their lower body covered while they exercise. For example, if you want to practice yoga and wear tight-fitting clothes may find that a longer skirt protects their modesty better than a shorter skirt would.

They’re also useful for anyone who wants to run outdoors in cold weather because they offer extra coverage. For example, some women enjoy running outside when it’s freezing and snowy outside, but they don’t like feeling exposed while they exercise. A long skirt keeps their lower half warm, which keeps them comfortable while they move around their neighborhood or along a nearby trail.

Some yoga exercises may also feel better with longer skirts. For example, doing headstands while wearing a shorter skirt can leave your skin exposed. A longer skirt protects your lower body from falling forward, which makes it easier to remain balanced in yoga poses.


COOrun Women’s Skirted Leggings

yoga pants with longer skirt

COOrun yoga pants with a longer skirt are suitable for anyone who feel awkward when wearing yoga pants. With longer coverage, you can do most yoga poses without embarrassment.

Also, it is moisture-wicking, so it is none-see-through even if you are sweating. With a pocket, you can put your belongings with you.

3. When do you need yoga pants with a shorter skirt?

Yoga pants with shorter skirts are ideal for those who live a fast-paced life, or for those people who find themselves having to transition from one activity to another and/or quickly.

In that case, it’s highly recommended to wear yoga pants with shorter skirts as they not only look more chic but also keep you warm throughout your entire day and even in events where there’s little time in between.

Again, yoga pants with shorter skirts are highly recommended for those who engage in more physical activities such as running or swimming.

Wearing a pair of yoga pants and a longer skirt will definitely be cumbersome and uncomfortable at that point; plus, you won’t have room to show off your curves in all their glory.


ANIVIVO Skirted Legging for Women

yoga pants with skirt for women

ANIVIVO yoga pants with a short skirt are more fashionable to wear, and you can match every piece with them in your closet.

The design of the skirt eliminates the muffin top effect and offers your a perfect waistline. You can wear them on most occasions.

Separate Skirt to Wear with Yoga Pants

Often, yoga pants with separate skirts look attractive to women who want to wear them casually.

A lovely trendy outfit can be created using a skirt and a pair of different color leggings or tights while taking advantage of all of their great features. Some of these may include using a larger size in

  • What types of skirts are popular for yoga pants?

While there are many styles of yoga skirts, such as the high waist or ruffled, there are some styles of skirts that go particularly well with yoga pants.

One of these is a skirt that closely matches your pants in both length and color. For example, if you’re wearing black yoga pants, a good complement is a black pencil skirt; or if you have long flowy pants, try out something full like an A-line skirt.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt features a close-fitting, slim style that can make your waist look smaller.

This skirt has an elongated shape that flows outwards as it drops to your knee. Because these are so easy to wear, they’re a great option for anyone who is new to fashion.

A good match for both yoga pants and jeans, pencil skirts can take you from work to exercise in no time at all. Whether you’re going for casual or dressed up, pencil skirts are stylish and flattering on many body types. Check out these great options from amazon:

1. Ekouaer Women’s Athletic Skirts

pencil skirt for yoga pants

These skirts are made to be breathable and easy to wear, allowing you to focus on your yoga routine rather than how uncomfortable your clothes are. With a variety of colors and options, you can find something that fits your sense of style. Just pull them over your knees after class, and you’re good to go! For more comfort, try pairing these athletic skirts with moisture-wicking underwear or stockings.

2. PUMA GOLF Womens Pwrshape

pattern skirt for yoga pants

My favorite type of skirt to wear with a pair of leggings is made by PUMA Golf. It’s awesome because it is comfortable and stylish, and goes great with tees and jerseys. The best part is that you can wear it casually or during an intense workout, like barre class or playing tennis!

A-line skirt

A-line skirts are characterized by their soft, flowing shape that comes straight down from your waist to your knees. Because they offer you more coverage in the front than pencil skirts, they’re often more modest and perfect for workouts. If you want a skirt that can take you from the field to dinner, consider an A-line skirt made of wool or cashmere. Amazon top-rated A-line skirts for yoga include:

1. CRZ YOGA Women’s Athletic Tennis Skirts

best skirt for leggings

When it comes to high-quality tennis skirts, no one does it better than CRZ Yoga. It’s among the best-selling tennis skirt design with some of today’s top fitness trends. From bright colors to figure-flattering cuts, this option have you covered! With its quick-dry feature, it absorbs sweat and wicks off moisture during your intense workout sessions.

2. STRETCH Women’s and Plus Size A-Line Skirt

A line skirt for yoga pants

Women’s and Plus Size A-Line Skirt with Pockets by STRETCH is popularly loved for its comfort. Designed specifically for comfort, versatility and style on and off your mat, it makes a perfect addition to any workout wardrobe! With its soft material and great pockets, you’ll look forward to putting it on every time you head out for yoga or just lounging around at home.

2 Additional Features of Skirted Yoga Pants to Look for

1. Skirted yoga pants with pocket.

A female who loves to do yoga, specifically hot yoga. She will appreciate it because it can be worn during exercise, but also afterward to relax at home and wear around a pair of athletic shoes.

It is designed with a pocket on one side to store your things while you practice, making sure that everything you need is right there so that you can focus on your routine and not worry about having to hold your keys or phone in your hands or have them fall out of your pockets while doing poses.

2. Skirted yoga pants with ruffle.

Ruffled yoga pants with skirts are pretty and perfect for women who don’t like wearing leggings or tights. You can wear it to do any outdoor activities, like hiking, trekking or dancing.

It is also suitable for any occasion like parties, dates, shopping and so on. As such, they’re highly recommended for those ladies who want to look fashionable yet comfortable in style no matter what the circumstances.

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How to Match a Skirt with Yoga Pants to Look Fashionable?

To create a modern outfit that is still feminine, here are a few fashion tips for matching yoga pants with skirts:

1. Trendy skirts’ feminine print or design goes well with black, grey, and blue yoga pants to create a classy look. Adding an edgy statement necklace such as necklaces made of beads, stone necklaces, and cocktail rings will add more style points to your outfit.

2. Pocketed skirts will match well with blue, grey, and black yoga pants to give your outfit a sexy feel.

3. Printed and pleated light-colored or white skirts will go well with yoga pants that feature bold colors like bright pink or teal green to make your look stand out from others on any occasion.

4. Ruffled or lace pencil skirts look best when teamed up with black, dark grey, and bright pink yoga pants. Adding colorful beaded necklaces and dangling earrings will glamorize your outfit further without making it gaudy and garish.

5. Longer a-line skirts can be paired easily with yoga pants of light colors like white or nude to give you an enchanting air at any social gathering or party.

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Fashion Tips on Wearing Yoga Pants with A Built-in Skirt

If you’re wearing yoga pants and a built-in skirt, you probably want to do so in a way that is going to flatter your shape. So, how exactly does one wear these two pieces together? Here are some great tips for women on how to pull off yoga pants and skirts:

1. Make sure you have a built-in skirt that is close to your natural waist and hemline:

Keep in mind that an ill-fitting built-in skirt will only draw attention to your hips, stomach, and thighs.

2. Wear a high waist tank top or long sleeve T-shirt:

Because built-in skirts are close to your natural waist, you may feel exposed if you choose to wear them without some sort of foundation piece that starts at your chest and reaches below your hips; think of it as a reverse slip dress. A loose shirt, tank top, cardigan, or jacket will help give you coverage when paired with yoga pants and a built-in skirt.

3. If you have a larger bust, try wearing a cami underneath your shirt:

Wearing a tight-fitting tank top under your built-in skirt will not only help cover your midsection but also give you some extra support and shape when worn over yoga pants. Look for tank tops that are made from comfortable material, like cotton or jersey knit fabrics.

4. If you have a larger rear, wear your built-in skirt higher:

Because built-in skirts tend to flare out and be wide, if you have a bigger backside you may want to pull your built-in skirt up higher to help minimize any unwanted attention. Keep in mind that even though yoga pants and a built-in skirt look casual, they are designed to make it easy for women to move in all different directions.

5. If you have a fuller-figured figure, choose fabrics that are stretchy and soft:

You’ll want your built-in skirt to be as flexible as possible so that it doesn’t restrict your movements while you work out or perform different yoga poses. Look for fabrics like Lycra, spandex, fleece, and jersey that will move with you and feel comfortable against your skin.

Final Top 5 Recommendations

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In summary, yoga pants with a skirt, whether built-in or separate, are a great option for women who are looking for versatility and comfort. Keeping these tips in mind while shopping can make sure you find just what you’re looking for!

Remember to buy a size up from your normal pant size when purchasing leggings of any kind, so that you don’t risk having them stretch out as much during wear. I also recommend picking up pair of padded underwear that coordinate with your outfit if it gets cold out—that way you have more warmth where it counts!