Classic Baggy Yoga Pants

Baggy yoga pants are becoming more common over classic leggings. These roomy and versatile pants offer more breathing space while still offering that stay-in-place fit.

They are pretty comfortable, and styling them is more straightforward than yoga leggings, especially those with pockets. You can wear them while doing your Ashtanga yoga (bendy and energetic) and still run your errands downtown in style.

What Are Baggy Yoga Pants?

what are baggy yoga pants

These fashion-forward yoga pants are made from comfortable stretchy fabric, have an elastic waistband, are loose-fitting, and are less restrictive to motion.

They fit perfectly on your waist and are loose at the bottom. You can easily pair them with a tank top or a loose crop top and look fantastic.

Gone are the days when being trendy was defined by wearing something tight-fitting, which can be uncomfortable in most cases. Baggy yoga pants are the best option for relaxation, whether traveling or just lazing on your couch.

10 Reasons that People Love Loose Baggy Yoga Pants

1. It is easier for you to breathe in baggy yoga pants. You feel less suffocated.

2. If you plan to travel, these loose-fitting pants are the outfit to go for. Pair them with your favorite sneakers and tops, and you will not only look stylish, but you will also be comfortable all the way.

3. These pants are comfortable to work out in, enhancing your performance and improving your motion range.

4. If you are stressed out and planning on doing some yoga, baggy yoga pants help ease the stress and help you focus on the workout.

5. These baggy yoga pants perfectly fit your body without the uncomfortable tightness and boost confidence. It does not matter what kind of body you have.

6. Loose-fitting yoga pants go well with almost every outfit and style. You can wear them with sneakers, heels, oversized shirts and still look good.

7. They are highly affordable (except for some particular brands) and available.

8. Even after adding some weight, you can put them on and still look gorgeous.

9. The material they are made of is so soft (especially those made from cotton), which helps you feel comfortable when bloated.

10. You can have them in different lengths depending on your workout or what you plan to do in them.

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What Situations are Baggy Yoga Pants Best For?

The only place you cannot rock your baggy yoga pants is at the office. This is not the right outfit for interacting with your clients or going to office meetings. However, you can have them before or after work if you plan on going to the gym.

There are many ideal situations you can have these pants on except the gym, and some include:

  • Being in the house all-day
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Running errands
  • Going on a playful date
  • Your yoga sessions at home
  • When taking your kids to the park
  • Having an afternoon out with your friends
  • Running and jogging

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Baggy Yoga Pants for Men and Women

For men:

It is absolutely fine for a man to wear yoga pants, especially baggy yoga pants. With the rise in needing comfort while still being athletic, men can have both performance and style in these pants. Most yoga practitioners are female, but more men are discovering the excellent benefits of yoga with time.

The variety in men’s baggy yoga pants is not as comprehensive as that for females because women have been rocking them for years. Soon, however, with how men are picking up this trend, there will be a wider variety.

Men’s yoga pants are more like the yoga version of joggers and track pants. They are made from thin and light polyester/elastane fabric and are very comfortable.

You can wear them to the gym or on the streets, at the beach, and they are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. They are probably the most comfortable pants you will ever own.

Let us take a look at two of the best recommendations when it comes to men’s baggy yoga pants.

Recommendation 1:

Perdontoo Men’s Cotton Yoga Sweatpants

Hippie Boho Gypsy Yoga Aladdin Harem Pants

These loose yoga pants for men have a casual look. They are perfect for yoga workouts, and they are also designed for recovery after you have had that intense weight or cardio session. They are made of exceptional cotton-blend jersey fabric, making them soft and low on friction.

The wide-leg space provides easy movement for all poses and stretches. These pants also come with pockets, and you can keep your wallet and phone close. The drawcord waistband makes it easy for the pockets to hold your weighty belongings.

You can buy them in various colors ranging from black, navy blue, grey and charcoal.

Recommendation 2:

SARJANA HANDICRAFTS Men’s Cotton Yoga Sweatpants

Baggy Genie Boho Pants for Men

These skin-friendly cotton blends loose-fitting yoga sweatpants keep you dry on your mat as they wick away moisture. They are made through Flatrock stitching, reducing chafing and the fabric sits smoothly on the skin.

They also have wide leg space maximizing movement range, and they also ensure a high level of comfort. You can wear them for any kind of exercise, including yoga, at the beach or when relaxing in the house.

You will also enjoy the deep side pockets that allow you to keep your essentials, such as your phone, close by.

For women:

Unlike for men, there is a wide variety of baggy yoga pants for women. Yoga pants have been a woman’s comfortable style for so many years. Whether it is for a workout session or traveling, or just unwinding at home, these pants are perfect for breathing and relaxation.

A few factors make some brands more suitable and common than others with a wide range. The first factor is non-restrictiveness. You always want to move freely and do that yoga poses comfortably and correctly.

The second factor is how breathable the pants are. The lesser they retain heat, the more comfortable they feel. Lastly, another factor is how good they are at moisture-wicking. If the pants dry quickly, they make the workout session easier.

Let us take a look at two of the best recommendations when it comes to women’s baggy yoga pants.

Recommendation 1:

Fitglam Women’s Baggy Harem Pants

Flowy Lounge Yoga Dance Baggy

These baggy yoga pants are made from a blend of rayon and spandex, and they are ideal for hip or knee surgery patients. They are immensely flexible, comfortable, and completely non-see-through. They are the best for maximum leg movement.

They are easy to wear with a wide waistband and contain the tummy ideally. These pants do not roll up as you do yoga or run around getting your errands done, as they come with an elastic band around the ankles.

They have pleats around the waist that make them look more stylish. These baggy pants are pretty roomy and are an excellent option for pregnant women.

Recommendation 2:

Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Baggy Harem Pants

These baggy yoga pants are designed with a silk-smooth rayon and spandex fabric. They are ideal for any kind of motion range. The material is light and breathable and keeps you dry and comfortable by dissipating sweat.

With a high-stretch-smocked waistband, these pants contain the tummy comfortably without restricting blood circulation or movement. They are very flexible and have plenty of room for your legs and thighs.

These pants are a perfect replacement for skin tights when you want to embrace that relaxed fit.

baggy yoga pants for women

Most Practical Baggy Yoga Pants with Pockets

A pair of baggy yoga pants is one of the most essential entities in your closet. They are stylish and practical. You can elevate your yoga pants status by getting a pair with pockets.

Aside from their comfort, softness and stretchiness, baggy yoga pants with pockets go a step further in offering more. You can leave your handbag or backpack in your car or at home and carry along your essentials during your workout sessions.

Pocketed yoga pants are incredibly versatile. They come in different materials colors and are good at wicking sweat. Of course, these pocketed pants are a good pair for any occasion aside from the office.

The Benefits of Pocketed Yoga Pants

  • These pants allow you to leave your bags behind. This is very convenient when you have no errands to run before or after your workout session. You can carry your phone and money in your pants with no inconveniences.
  • With your phone in your pocket, you can either connect your wireless or wired earphones and listen to your favorite playlist as you jog or workout without interfering with your movement.
  • These pants allow you to carry your essentials such as your phone and money anywhere. Carrying your phone on your hand can be inconvenient, and leaving it behind is not an option either. These pocketed pants help you through this.

Here is one of the best baggy pocketed yoga pants recommendations:


The AvaCostume Boho Pants Harem Pants for women

baggy yoga pants for women

These loose-fit, wide, and balloon yoga pants for women are comfortable and come with two pockets.

They are made of stretchy lycra and cotton, super comfortable and breathing natural fabric.

They are uniquely adjustable, and once you wear them, you will never want to take them off. The pockets make it easy to carry your phone and cash without having your bag along.

Why Do People Love to Wear Cotton Baggy Yoga Pants?

Almost everyone is wearing these baggy yoga pants, and for some, it is not necessarily for a workout or yoga session. You can wear them to the dry cleaners, supermarket, take your kids to or from school or the park, and much more.

The most common reason why people love baggy cotton yoga pants is how soft, comfortable, and breathable the fabric is. It feels great on the skin. You can wear them at any time of the day, even as pajamas, and they look very practical and stylish.

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Classic Colors of Baggy Yoga Pants

  • Black baggy yoga pants

There are many reasons why black baggy yoga pants are a classic look. Black never goes out of style and lets you experiment with a massive variety of colors and fabrics for what you wear on top. It is also tough to tell if the pants are cheap or expensive with black.

Working out or jogging leaves you sweaty, and black yoga pants are perfect for camouflaging sweat stains. You also never have to worry about what you match the pants with. It lets you fit in no matter the occasion, and it blends well will all skin tones.

  • White baggy yoga pants

White baggy yoga pants are ideal for looking modern, sleek, clean and elegant without overbearing. It is best for when you want to make emphasize or highlight the color of your top, shoes, or accessories.

This color portrays high standards and is also a color that symbolizes youth and innocence. Get yourself a pair of white baggy yoga pants, and you will experience the greatness of this classic color.

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1. What are Indian baggy pants called?

Indian baggy pants are commonly known as Harlem pants. Some also know them as Ali Baba, Aladdin or gypsy pants.

2. Can I wear baggy pants to yoga?

Yes, you can wear baggy pants to yoga. They are not only comfortable but very healthy. Tight pants can lead to future hip and waist issues, reduce blood circulation, and lead to yeast infections around the groin, unlike baggy yoga pants.


Though yoga pants are made for yoga workouts, you can wear them anywhere at any time of the day. Baggy yoga pants are suitable for flexibility and ensure your body breathes throughout the session.

It is said that yoga adds years to your life and life to your years. Putting on comfortable pants will help you perform your asanas much better. If you plan to shop for some yoga pants, you can never go wrong with a baggy fit.