How to Add A Yoga Waistband to Pants?

Did you know you can add a yoga waistband to your pants? Yoga waistbands are usually comfortable, and adding them to your pants would make you comfortable when you wear them.

Therefore, it would be better to follow the following steps to make your pants comfortable by adding a yoga waistband. How to add a yoga waistband to pants?

How to Add a Yoga Waistband to Your Pants?

how to detach a yoga pants waistband

Due to the comfort yoga pants waistbands offer, many people prefer to add them into their regular pants.

That is no surprise since we all look for something comfortable. If you are one of the many changing waistbands, these are the steps you will follow.

Steps to detach the waistband from a yoga pants

Detaching a waistband from yoga pants to add to another cloth is no easy thing. In this case, you need the waistband undestroyed. Thus, you need to be very careful.

Step 1. Turn the yoga pants inside out. The inner part of the pants shows how it was sewed and gives you a clue.

Step 2. Identify the edge of the pants.

Step 3. At the edge of the lower seal of the pants, you start ripping the seal apart with a seam ripper. You carefully rip the sealing step by step till the waistband and the rest of the pants are apart.

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Steps to sew the yoga waistband to pants

how to sew waistband to your pants

After detaching the waistband of the other pants, you can sew the yoga waistband. However, there are steps to follow. Below are the steps.

Step 1. Remove all the remaining threads on the pants and the waistband to keep it neat.

Step 2. Wear the pants and mark where you would prefer the bottom of the yoga waistband to sit.

Step 3. Cut the excess fabric if there is. And make sure to leave a seam allowance.

Step 4. Fold the waistband and put it on the edge of the pants. Note the yoga waistband should sandwich the edge of the pants. Match the waistband’s seam to the pants center back seam.

Step 5. Stitch the waistband and the pants and try them on to check whether it is at the preferred position. Wear out the pants, and if the position is okay, you can move to the next step.

Step 6. Seal the waistband accordingly to the pants from the bottom. The pants should be inside out when sealing.

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What Is Special About A Yoga Pants Waistband?

what is special about yoga pants waistband

It is a pants waistband made from unique materials like nylon and Lycra, purposely for yoga or workouts.

Yoga pants waistbands are taller than the standard waistband pattern piece in loftiness. But are relatively shorter in length. The main reason for the difference in length is to accommodate the nonexistence of elastic.

Also, yoga waistbands are made of unique materials to offer more comfort to the wearer.

When working out or doing yoga, you need to be comfortable. Therefore, you need a waistband that is tight but comfortable.

That is what a yoga pants waistband offers. The yoga waistbands help you concentrate only on your workouts and not worry about embarrassing moments. They are fit and tight enough to keep your pants intact when making your yoga or workout movements.

Yoga Pants Waistband Features:

  • Are tighter and more fitting 
  • Are not elastic 
  • Are comfortable 
  • Have specialized fabrics 
  • Consist of nylon and Lycra materials 
  • Are durable

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Yoga waistbands are very comfortable and last long since they are made from quality materials. It is becoming a norm for many globally to opt for yoga waistbands due to the many advantages.

By following the highlighted steps, you can add a yoga waistband to your pants and be comfortable.

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