How to Make Yoga Pants from Scratch?

A few minutes of deep, meditative, and ethereal experience are enough to help you unwind after a long day. Therefore, it helps to complement it with homemade yoga pants that feel fitting and comfortable.

This article will show you how to make yoga pants for your everyday practical meditation sessions.

Things You Need to Figure out First

what to consider before making yoga pants

Before going all-in making yoga pants, there are a few things you ought to know. That’ll offer you a blueprint to making your ideal yoga pants and perhaps, give you what you picture of. Here’s what you should consider.

1. What fabric should you choose?

Bamboo or lycra can be your ideal go-to fabric if you’re going to stretch a lot. Otherwise, 100 percent nylon will work the trick, although it can be overly thin and less opaque.

Remember, you need a more serene ambiance for your ethereal yoga sessions, and therefore, comfort should be your utmost focus. That means feeling cozy not only in your stretching positions but your yoga apparel.

Perhaps, you’re going to squat a lot and bend countless times, so don’t go for a tight-fitting yoga fabric that imprints your pelvis for every eye to dish out on.

2. How many yards would you need to make yoga pants?

The amount of fabric you’d need depends on your body size – waist to feet. However, the yard amount varies with your preferred fabric since stretchy materials like nylon would require marginally fewer yards.

Perhaps, you might need a few more inches to allow some room for error, but 1/2 yards of stretchy fabric would do the trick.

Please make it about 2 yards if you prefer cotton since they’re slightly less stretchable than bamboo, nylon, or lycra.

3. How about the breathability?

Breathable fabric complements perfect yoga sessions, adding the cherry to the cake. While yoga sessions are less sweaty, it helps to use more breathable yoga pants to give your skin an easy ride.

Besides, that’ll keep you comfortable if your fabric is more porous. In this regard, cotton can be your best bet at getting breathable yoga pants, but there’s a catch: cotton tends to stretch without retracting, which eventually sags.

You might want to try some nylon, but you’re still better positioned with bamboo and lycra.

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How to Make Yoga Pants From Scratch: Step by Step Process

how to make yoga pants from scratch

Unlike your everyday jeans or suit, yoga pants need more curation and methodology for the perfect creation. Besides, a set of proper tools and materials will make everything easier for you. Here’s what you need in your sewing arsenal.

Tools and Materials

  • Sewing machine needles
  • Thread
  • Elastic waistband
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter, and weights

With all materials gathered, you can now make your perfect creation according to your taste and preference. Although there are numerous paths to making yoga pants, the minimalist version involves simpler patterns and a few preparation steps, as it appears below.

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Step 1: Choose a fabric and find a pattern

You might want to use your yoga pants diversely, and perhaps, using them in your morning runs might be feasible too.

Therefore, make sure that it makes you pop in style. There’re numerous go-to patterns you can use, including some Colette or paper cut patterns.

Once you have it all in your closet, get the correct measurements before proceeding.

Step 2: Take your measurements

Taking measurements is essentially the core of making yoga pants. Therefore, take your time and focus on making the correct tape measurements.

That includes front and back rise heights, ankle and knee circumferences, distances from knee and thigh and knee to ankle, and the entire yoga pant length.

You can use your everyday yoga pant to sort of “dri-fit” the fabric while marking the thread lines and measurements.

Step 3: Prepare the fabric

Before cutting and sewing, you should wash your fabric since it usually shrinks by about 25 percent.

Cut along the measurement lines, leaving about an inch for some room for error.

Remember to use sharp rotary cutters or a pair of scissors for clean cuts.

And before sewing the fabric together, dedicate a few inches for some sew practice stitches for a picture of the end product.

Step 4: Sew together

Complete the sewing by stitching the separate parts while following along the marks.

Once the piece comes together, patch it on the elastic waistband and sew it on.

Ensure that it’s marginally gripping to hold your waist firmly and prevent slips.

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If you wanna learn more specific details, check out this video below:


Making yoga pants is as easy as ABC if you have the proper tools and understand how to use them. Besides, you must make the best fabric choice before deciding on the right size determined by accurate measurements. Hopefully, this article will help you make the best homemade yoga pants.