Creative Yoga Poses You Can Try for Photograph

Whether you’re just starting out or already well-versed in yoga poses, these three group poses are sure to bring lots of laughs and good times between friends! Plus, since these poses only take about 5 minutes total when done together, it makes it easy to fit into any schedule!

1. Bird Yoga Pose

  • The Bird yoga pose has always been one of the asanas used by the yogi to check in and take photos.
  • You will look nice whether you do it in a sitting or standing position.

2. Compass Yoga Pose

  • The compass yoga pose is also one of the most photogenic asanas
  • Compared to other difficult backward bends and support poses, the compass style is relatively easy
  • There are friendly to yoga practicer

3. Wheel Yoga Pose

  • The wheel yoga pose is one of the most popular types of pose taken for photos

4. Handstand Yoga Pose

  • When it comes to yoga handstands, there are many types to choose from.
  • Elbow stand, handstand, backbend, and elbow stand.
  • This should be in the three top three on the list!

5. Lord of Dance Yoga Pose

  • The lord of a dance yoga pose is also one of the most photographic poses.
  • It makes your legs look super long

6. Pigeon

  • There are many variations of the pigeon pose
  • For example, flying pigeon, pigeon king pose

7. Variations of Camel Yoga Pose

  • This on popular on Instagram lately.

8. Toe Stand Yoga Pose

  • This one is pretty challenging
  • Both arch strength and core strength are required

9 – 10. Arms Up Yoga Pose

  • Take a photo of your upper body, and bend your head back slightly.
  • Blurring the background into an aperture is really super beautiful.

11. Variaition of Boat Yoga Pose

  • This type of extreme hip flexion posture is also super popular.
  • You can take a photo of sitting against the wall or just standing are both stunning!
  • But it requires good hip flexion.

12. Kneel on One Knee and Split

  • Try it! You will look perfect in the photo!

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