What Are the Ideal Polyester Yoga Pants to Wear? Quick Pick in 2 Minutes!

Choosing the right fabric for your yoga pants can make a big difference in your yoga workout. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable, sweat excessively, feels too much heat, and other issues that might discourage you from continuing your workout.

If you are looking for yoga pants that will meet your needs and requirements in your yoga activities, try polyester fabric. This type will offer you the necessary comfort and flexibility you need. However, among many brands of polyester yoga in the market, below is a helpful guide to help you choose the best polyester yoga pants.

Are Yoga Pants Really Made of Polyester?

best polyester yoga patns

Most yoga pants are designed with a blend of materials with a big percentage of polyester and spandex. This fabric ensures your yoga pants stretch easily, has the best wicking moisture factors, and provides comfort and flexibility, helping to keep you comfortable and cool.

However, polyester is often used to make a larger percentage of yoga pants. This fabric is light with amazing durability and perfect for sweat-wicking abilities. The unique thing with polyester is that is used ITY when making yoga pants.

ITY designs tend to add breathability and stretch to the user making it the perfect material for yoga pants.

However, most yoga pants made with polyester are also combined with a little percentage of spandex to make them more effective.

Why Do People Love Wearing Polyester Yoga Pants?

what are best polyester yoga pants

1. Fast dry

Polyester yoga pants qualify as fast-dry as it is extremely hydrophobic. Hydrophobic means these fabric fibers are designed to repel the water but not absorb it. And the specific amount of water polyester absorb tends to vary with various weaves.

Polyester only absorbs around 0.4 percent of its weight in moisture, which means it can dry faster and stay dry for long hours when working out. Besides, when choosing yoga pants, quick-drying pants serve you well.

This is because the pants that take time to dry will eventually make someone feel cold. Further, they chafe right on your becoming heavy to wear while working out. In addition, when a yoga pant is wet, the friction between your skin and clothes increases, which may lead to chafing.

2. Stretch

A great stretch is perfect to avoid pulling, tearing, or losing your yoga pants shape. Further, you want your body to enjoy full mobility while you are in your polyester yoga pants and be non-resting. Non-stretchy yoga pants can drag you back from performing excellently in your workout.

The stretchiness of polyester yoga pants makes them soft and elastic, not losing the original shape and size.

Being stretchy also makes it convenient to be worn by people of different sizes, and shapes and perfect for working out as it gives you flexibility and comfort.

3. Sweat-wicking

why choose polyester yoga pants

With polyester yoga pants, you don’t have to worry about sweat making you wet. This is because a sweat-wicking factor in it pulls the moisture from your body via the fabric to evaporate. In this case, your body remains cool and dry even when working out during the hot weather, and sweat is a must.

When breaking the sweat, the sweat evaporates, producing a cooling effect. And after your skin temperature cools at standard level, there will be no more sweating.

Overall, polyester is a perfect choice to go when looking for yoga pants fabrics because it is breathable and retains odors that may contribute to bacteria growth.

4. Anti-wear

Polyester has excellent anti-wear power to produce superior friction electrostatic even when working out at high speed.

5. Breathable

Consider a yoga pant that gets enough airflow when you are performing your exercises to keep you dry and comfortable. Polyester is the real deal because its proposition is decent

6. Not-see through

Polyester fabric is thick enough to keep you safe in your yoga activities. Unfortunately, See-me through yoga pants can be a distracting issue, especially when doing squats yoga.

This is because you will hold yourself back, fearing that your friends might see you through.

What Is Top Polyester Proportioning for the Yoga Pants?

1. C9 Curvy-Fit Yoga Pant (12% spandex and 88% polyester)

polyester fabric yoga pants

This yoga pant is 12% spandex and 88% polyester propositioning to ensure they are flexible, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, durable, and breathable.

You will love how comfortable these polyester yoga pants are with a fabric which doesn’t sag. The superior quality fabric on this pant makes it a great contender for a breathable fabric. It’s a freedom fabric made to offer breathable performance and total comfort as its even dries quickly.

With the fact that many yoga pants don’t come with pockets, this one has hidden pockets right on the waistband where you can put your staffs. The gap between waist and hips is perfectly designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed and covers up everything making you’re a carefree yoga workout.

In addition, these polyester yoga pant is made in three lengths long, regular, and shorts. And they are both different because of their different inseam lengths of 34, 31, and 28 inches. It’s machine washable and flexible anytime you wear it.

  • It wicks away the sweat easily.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comes with unique waistband pockets compared to others that don’t have

2. IUGA High Waist Tummy Control Yoga Pants (77% Polyester and 23% Spandex)

IUGA High Waist Tummy Control Yoga Pants

77 percent polyester proposition is super quality to make yoga pants fit, stretchable, and smooth. The wide–rise waistband is the first feature you will love on this yoga pant because it has a hidden pocket and tummy control.

If you are that active woman doing yoga activities, these pants will perfectly fit you. Its features super soft material and comfy stretch material, which promotes support and compression.

The gusset crotch maximizes free movements while the interlock seams minimize chafing and rubbing to make them perfect women’s yoga pants. The high-quality and super activewear is ideal for every day at leisure and fitness enthusiasts because it’s accessible and affordable. Further, it these pants is non-see thought and with enough thickness that conforms and slim to all your poses, contour, and movements.

The hidden waistband pockets are included to stash your cell phones, keys, and any other essentials. 30 money-back warranty is also another feature that many customers love because you will make the purchase with confidence. The elastic closure is all perfect it is machine washable.

  • The material is flexible, durable, and not see me though
  • Comes with convenient and useful side pockets
  •  Slimming high waist

3. Sarin Mathews Bootcut Yoga Pants (90% Polyester and 10% Spandex)

good polyester yoga pants

The 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex propositions make these pants ultra-soft, non-see-through, durable, and breathable. The material used to make Sarin is high quality, durable and comfy stretch to typically keep someone dry, cool, and comfortable when working out. And they even retain their specific shape even after several washed and dried. This pant is great for sporting, yoga, beach, sleeping, vacation, Pilates, etc.

Other nice sweatpants for you. Sarin Mathews yoga pants focused on making you comfortable with its elastic waistband, which doesn’t pinch. The wide book-cut yoga pants are high enough to fully cover everything and won’t slip down or ride up. Tummy control, wide bootcut, elastic wasite straight leg, and deep pockets, among others, are dependable features that any woman would want in her yoga pants.

The wide leg and deep pockets are designed to stash either your keys, phones, cars, or other related staff. This helps you to free your hands to have a comfortable workout or when you wear the pant as casual wear. The straight leg makes you appear flattering and slimming fit on your curvy body. You can wear these pants any season of the year and is perfect for everyday leisure and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Soft material
  • Flexible, you effortlessly move in any direction or bend
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect waistband
  • Easy to wash

4. ToBelnStyle Poly-Rayon Palazzo Pants (55% Polyester, 40% Rayon and 5% Spandex)

ToBelnStyle Poly-Rayon Palazzo Pants

The perfect rayon and polyester proportioning should be 5 percent spandex, 40perfect Rayon, and 55 percent Polyester. And this proportioning is to make your palazzo pants soft, breathable, not see me though, durable and elastic enough to fit you perfectly.

The palazzo pants come with extra flair to the standard lounge pants, which adds more comfort, style, and performance for your workouts. The polyester and Rayon body with wide and contrast fold-over waistband alongside relaxed legs make the pant great for activewear, breathable, and comfortable in all poses.

And it’s available in different colors, including coffee, blue mist, black, dark rush, vay, hunter green, blue mist, and ash mustard. You can wash your palazzo pants with the machine, and the washing process is easy. In addition, these yoga pant comes in different sizes based on your body size and shape.

  • Light & easy to pack
  • Good color variation
  • The great value of money
  • Comfortable and cute pants

How to Wash Your Polyester Yoga Pants

1. Use sport or spandex specific detergent

Remember this is not cotton; therefore, your normal laundry detergent might not be able to deeply get close-skit fibers to get rid of grime, bacteria, and dirt. Therefore, using a specific detergent to treat the tech-savvy polyester fabrics, such as laundress and hex performance, will ensure deeper and thorough cleaning. And this will prevent the slight workout odor that tends to develop over time.

Also, when washing, avoid using excessive detergents because they might leave them with soap film. And a film of soap will typically hinder the sweat-wicking capabilities. Follow the exact recommended amount written on that bottle or preferably inside the package when you have doubt.

2. Use cool water

Washing polyester with hot water increases the risk of their breakages. The fabric on these yoga pants might not withstand high temperatures in hot water. Therefore, consider using cool to warm water. Coldwater prevents your pants from fading colors and shrinking.

3. Wash your yoga pants inside and outside

This technique provides two specific benefits. To start, your body oils and sweat will accumulate on inside of your pants. Therefore, by washing inside-out, the laundry detergent will directly contact all services required to be cleaned. Second, washing yoga pants inside-out can help preserve the original style and colors of the yoga outer layer to have them looking new for an extended time.

4. Hand wash gently

For people who prefer to hand wash, don’t use a brush rather, use your hand to work any cleaning agents or deodorizing into the yoga pants fabric. Second, avid ringing your yoga pants so you can remove excess water. Rather, repeatedly pressing it over the side of that washing basis will be a great idea.

5. Use the white vinegar rather than fabric softener.

Most fabric softeners have silicone which is an enemy to spandex, and some polyester fabrics. You can this white vinegar and get rid of any remaining unpleasant odors.

6. Lay your pants flat or drape them gently to dry

Don’t think of using the pant hangers or clips to hand your yoga pants because this method will stretch them out. Lay them flat so they can wholly dry, and you also require to turn them after some time to have them completely dry.

Also, avoid putting them in the dryer because the dryer might damage their stretchy fabrics and warp the fibers. Get rid of any remaining unpleasant odors. Keep your polyester yoga pants comfortable and fresh after drying for next use.

Final thoughts

Putting in more effort to get exercise is not an easy task and especially when you lack proper yoga pants. If you love yoga, our above guide will help you to make a dependable and best decision when it comes to picking your yoga pants. Best Polyester Yoga Pants will keep you comfortable, cool, flexible, and even serve you for an extended period.