How to Fold Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants and other workout pants are normally smaller and occupy less place in your wardrobe, However, if you don’t fold and organize them properly, you can barely find them when you need to wear them. So how to fold yoga pants?

For people who have several pieces of yoga pants or busy bees, you need to learn better methods to store your leggings and workout pant instead of reckless abandon. Check out the following methods to make sure of the neat closet.

How Should You Fold and Store Yoga Pants?

how to fold and organize yoga pants

Here are three common and popular methods to fold our store yoga pants:

Method 1: Tuck legs in the waistband

  1. Fold yoga pants in the middle in order to make sure two legs are placed together.
  2. Put yoga pants onto an even and clean surface and then tugged at two legs.
  3. Stretch and fold the crotch of the pants to eliminate the wrinkles.
  4. Fold up the legs to the waistband and then repeat that with knees.
  5. The last step is to hold open the waistband and push& tuck the yoga pants legs in it.

If you want to keep your yoga pants stay still and remain in shape, you can take this method.

The amazing thing is that your yoga pants will not fall off and you can always find the one your need without reorganizing. And you can put one above another when you are done.

This method is highly recommended for girls who like yoga pants and have many pieces to be organized.

Method 2: Traditional rectangle manner

  1. Put your yoga pants on the clean surface and then stretch the legs to avoid rucking up.
  2. Fold the pants in half by bringing two legs one on another evenly.
  3. Double over the legs and fold it twice to the waistband, and it looks like a rectangle.
  4. Fold it in half again if you still feel it is large for your closet.

It is the simplest and quick way to fold and store yoga pants, leggings, workout pants, and tights. You can also use this method to fold most of the pants quickly.

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Method 3: Rolling the yoga pants up

  1. Tug at the yoga pant legs and fold them in half by putting the two legs together.
  2. Start rolling the legs up from the bottom of the till the waistband.

It eliminates wrinkles and folds. You can place all your yoga pant rolls in drawers like an exhibition when you have more pants.

If you are a guy who loves yoga pants but is not good at organizing pants, you can try rolling your yoga pants.

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How to Fold Yoga Pants for Different Purposes?

rolling your yoga pants to save space

1. For small spaces:

If you have many yoga pants to be organized or your closet has narrow space for your workout pant, you can use method 1 to tuck your yoga pants legs into the waistband.

When your wardrobe is filled with other clothes, you’d better not toss your yoga pant everywhere, otherwise, it will be a little difficult to find them.  

You can use this method to fold and store yoga pants, long leggings, and Lululemon leggings to save space.

2. For showing off:

If you store and organize your yoga pants to decorate your wardrobe like an exhibition, you can choose method No. 2 and No. 3 for rectangle and rolling out manners.

Especially for drawers, we recommend the rolling out method. Well, you should make sure you have more space to pace them and make sure you fold them the in same way to look neat.

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3. For quick picks:

If you are a last-minute person, or you are a busy bee, you just need to find the easiest and quickest way to organize yoga pants.

Try to roll out your pants and leggings and put them in the drawer for quick picks. Also, you can put the rolled yoga pant in clothes baskets without creating a mess.

It is great for people who are busy and have no time to clear and organize the closet. 

4. For travel:

If you are taking yoga pants, you can use method 1 to fold your pants. By using this method, your yoga pant will be easily placed into a suitcase and occupy less space.

On the contrary, if you roll it or fold it in a rectangle shape, yoga pants may have a higher pile and may fall off when you open the suitcase since they barely fasten them with the elastic belt.

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How Does Marie Kondo Fold Yoga Pants?

The basic principles of the Marine Kondo Method are:

  1. Fold the yoga pants several times to avoid wrinkles
  2. Fold in the crotch of yoga pants
  3. Bring the bottom of the yoga pants legs to the waist and leave an inch.
  4. Tuck the legs into the waistband until it stands upright.

Watch out the video to learn more: 

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