How to Turn Yoga Pants into Leggings?

Creating a new piece of clothing by repurposing an old one has become a popular trend these days. It’s possible to make a lovely pair of leggings out of your old yoga pants provided you have some yoga pants.

So how to turn yoga pants into leggings? Read the following steps and make it by yourself at home!

How to Turn Old Yoga Pants into Leggings?

how do you turn yoga pants into  leggings

If your favorite pair of yoga pants have stretched out from several times of washing, we know how difficult it is to part with them.

Yoga pants can stretch out for a variety of causes, including the fact that they haven’t been washed properly or have been washed too many times. When you utilize them on a regular basis and lose weight, they tend to become more flexible.

Yoga pants come in a variety of materials and textiles, including cotton, nylon, and polyester. There is, however, one common material that is combined with all of the above materials: spandex (or elastane). So how to turn spandex yoga pants into leggings?

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1. Steps to turn unflattering yoga pants into leggings.

how to turn loose yoga pants into tights

Things you need to prepare:

  • Sewing pins, a needle or machine, and thread are all that are required for this procedure.

Step 1: Take a pair of yoga pants, flip them over, and put them on. After you’ve worn it for a while, pull the extra fabric toward the outside of the seams on each leg.

Step 2: Remove the sewing pins from your yoga pants and set them on a flat surface, making sure to place them inside out. This is because that is the side from which you will be sewing, so make sure to do so.

Step 3: The most crucial phase is now complete. A new seam line should be sewn parallel to the outside of the one you pinned.

Step 4: Work your way down from the waist to the ankle by sewing from top to bottom. Hand or machine, your sewing line will be decided by your choice of the stitch. (See How Tight Should Yoga Pants Be?)

Step 5: Remove the artificial seam (formed by the pins) and try them on again, this time with the garment turned inside out.

Step 6: Cut off the additional fabric that gathers beyond the new seam line of your yoga pants if you are satisfied with the snugness that they are supplying you with. Do not, however, cut it from the seam.

Step 7: When you’re done, all you have to do is fold over the leftover fabric and press it to have a nice, smooth seam. If you don’t iron and set it in place, it may wind up digging into your flesh, which is really inconvenient.

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2. Steps to turn overlong yoga pants into leggings.

how to shorten yoga pants

Things you need to prepare:

  • A sewing machine/can be done by hand, an elastic measuring the waist width, a tread, scissors, straight pins, and a safety pin are all you need to get started with this method:

Step 1: The first step is to make sure the elastic is the proper width by cutting it an inch longer than the length of the waistband of your yoga pants.

Step 2: Creating an elastic band’s case is the next stage. Your elastic band casing is ready if you just zigzag around the waistband of your yoga pants a quarter-inch more than the width of the new elastic band. What a no-brainer, right?

Step 3: A casing for the elastic band is the next step. Your elastic band casing is ready if you simply zigzag around the waistband of your yoga pants a quarter-inch more than the width of the new elastic band. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Step 4: Make sure that the elastic band inside your yoga pants does not get twisted or turned when you pull it through the length of the waistband.

Step 5: The elastic should be brought out of the other end of the hole, and a safety pin should be used to connect the two ends.

Step 6: The ends of your elastic have been linked by stitching them back and forth several times to strengthen the stitch. To ensure that the waistband of your yoga pants is distributed equally, pull it to the sides while holding the waist.

Step 7: You still have a lot of work to do. To prevent the elastic you just inserted from curling or twisting, sew a few threads through the fabric’s thickness on both sides of your yoga trousers. Then, sew up the hole where the elastic is passing through.

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How to Make Yoga Pants into Leggings Without Sewing?

For those who lack sewing equipment or needles and thread, a hem tape is an option. You may find it at drugstores.

You can use hem tape by folding your Yoga Pants in half, pinning and ironing the crease, and then applying hem tape to the fold. Over the folded edge, apply ironing.

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Yoga pants can be easily transformed into leggings by following the steps outlined in this article. You’ll need to find the necessary tools for the alteration. You won’t need to purchase anything because most of these items are readily available in your home.

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