Why Do Your Yoga Pants Fail?

Yoga pants are the perfect wardrobe addition for hitting up your favorite bar, going on a hike, or working out at the gym.

Unfortunately, with all their glory comes some pretty hilarious fails too! From weird tan lines to broken straps and getting stuck in car doors, yoga pants can be just as embarrassing as they are amazing.

Check out these causes of yoga pants failure and learn how to wear yoga pants effectively to avoid any potential failures in your future.

What Do Yoga Pants Fails Refer to?

why do your yoga pants fail

Ever seen a picture of a person who appears to be wearing yoga pants in public—and their pose looks a little bit awkward or embarrassing.

In some cases, it seems as though that person was caught off guard by someone taking their picture and didn’t know how to react. That’s a good illustration of a yoga pant fail.

Yoga pant fails are essentially any uncalled for appearance of yoga pants in public. The term is most often used on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter when users want to share pictures of people doing something silly while wearing yoga pants.

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What Causes the Yoga Pants Fails?

There’re several reasons why yoga pants fail to happen.

why are there yoga pants failures

1. People don’t know how to choose a pair of yoga pants that fit them properly.

With the wide range of yoga pants available in stores, people may have a hard time finding a pair that fits their body type.

The problem lies in choosing a pair that is too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, it will be difficult to move around and practice yoga comfortably.

On the other hand, if they are too loose, you will feel as if you’re wearing pajamas during your workout.

2. People don’t know how to wear them properly.

Yoga pants can be worn in a few different ways. Some styles of yoga pants have open sides, which allow you to easily pull them on and off without having to worry about zippers or buttons.

Other styles require you to wear an undergarment beneath them. A lack of knowledge on how to wear them can be shaming especially in public.

3. Wearing them in improper places.

Yoga pants are designed to be worn in places like yoga studios, schools, and gyms. The majority of yoga pants do not come with a pocket, so avoid carrying items that may be cumbersome.

A good rule of thumb is to only wear them where you would wear shorts or tights. This will help you avoid unnecessary stares when you pull out your keys or phone during class.

4. Torn yoga pants

Yoga pants can have small holes or even tears. It’s also a good idea to check for any tears or holes before you put them on because if there is a hole in your yoga pants, it will likely get bigger as you move around.

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How to Prevent Yoga Pants Failure?

There are several ways to prevent yoga pants failures, especially when you’re exercising. You should always:

1. Wear a solid bottom underneath your yoga pants to ensure that they don’t get caught on anything

2. Double check that your waistband is not positioned too high or too low.

3. Make sure that nothing will slip out and cause embarrassment! Always stay active and keep a loose grip on all objects in your hands.

4. If you plan on wearing yoga pants outside of exercise, make sure that they’re tight enough to stay in place without a waistband!

5. If you are going to wear yoga pants for everyday use, it is a good idea to invest in two pairs: one for exercise and one for everything else!

6. Keep your pants clean by washing them regularly with cold water and detergent, as hot water can ruin their elasticity over time!

7. Once your yoga pants have stretched out and become saggier, it’s time to retire them from everyday use.

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The bottom line is that there’s a healthy relationship to be found between you and your yoga pants. Choose the right pair and know how to wear it properly.

Ultimately, it comes down to balance: You can work out in them but remember they aren’t meant for every occasion. You can look great in them, but don’t let yourself go just because of them.

And you can feel comfortable in them—but don’t let that comfort keep you from working hard toward bettering yourself and becoming more fit overall.