How to Make Yoga Pants Longer?

Yoga pants are sports garments for women and men. Yoga pants should be worn for yoga exercises and can style casually.

When choosing yoga pants for yourself, select one that fits right for your width and height. Since yoga pants stretch over time, you can buy one size smaller.

But how to make yoga pants longer when you find your yoga pants are too shorter for you?

How to Lengthen Your Yoga Pants?

how to lengthen yoga pants legs

You may want to add length to your yoga pants for various reasons, such as fashion trends.

In other cases, your yoga pants could have shrunk, and you want to stretch them out. Here are ways to lengthen the pants.

Method 1: Add a fabric cuff to the bottom.

Adding fabric will add length to yoga pants that are way shorter than you desire.

Find your chosen material and sew it in on a selected area. For example, sew it in at the bottom of the knees.

Use sewing matching thread color and neat stitches. The fabric should match the weight of the pants fabric.

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Method 2: Let down the hem of the yoga pants.

Rip out the hem of the pants using a pair of scissors. Ripping the hem will make the yoga pants longer than they already are.

Run some stitches along the edge to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Method 3: You can stretch the pants out.

Use lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Spray the pants with lukewarm water.

With the help of another individual, pull the yoga pants to stretch. The pulling action should add length to your yoga pants.

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Should Yoga Pants Be Long?

when should you yoga pants be long

Yoga pants are ideally not supposed to be too long. When your yoga pants have a break at the back, they are too long. (See How to Cut Yoga Pant Into Shorts?)

Yoga pants come in two lengths, full length and capris length, which ends at your calve. Yoga pants should fit right to avoid slipping or tripping during your yoga session.

What is the required length of yoga pants? Yoga pants should fall at your ankle or just below your calve.

When should your yoga pants be longer?

1. For certain yoga practices.

Some yoga practices will require you to be in ankle-length fitting pair of yoga pants. The needs of your practice will dictate the suitable length.

2. For cold weather

If you like to throw on some yoga pants when stepping out, you may want something long enough to protect you from the cold evening weather or the hot sun.

3. For your sense of style

If you are an individual who prefers to wear longer yoga pants because of how they flatter you, then go for long pants.

When should your yoga pants be shorter? 

1. For hot yoga class

When attending a hot yoga class, you can put on breathable yoga shorts. Short yoga shorts will provide you with comfort in a hot environment.

2. For lounging

You can wear shorter yoga pants as loungewear around the house. The yoga pants are flattery, and the material is comfortable to wear around the house or when stepping out for shopping.

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Yoga pants come in a range of lengths. Your choice of length for yoga pants depends primarily on the type of yoga you are doing. During yoga, you need to feel balanced.

If you practice yoga frequently, you know that clothes play an essential role in the quality of your practice.

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